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I consider myself a victim and member of the first cyber generation since I was almost immediately hooked up to information technology at a very early age beginning with the HT, the Commodore, the Spektrum, and the Amstrad computers. Although I have never studied computer technology formally, I  have been training myself autodidact at my own cyber studio ever since my first PC in 1992.

I know both hardware and software engineering and basic programming, thus I can ensemble personal computers and install and set up small networks. I have specialized in internet technologies and my hobby is graphic and web design.

Computer related work experience

Internet development:

  • Post Logic Studio (2003-) [« go there],
  • Qualysoft Inc. (2007-2010) [« go there],
  • Sanoma Inc. (New Media Division) (2005-2009) [« go there],

Mobile Media : HVG Press Inc. (Digital Production Office) (2010-2011) [« go there]
3D graphics: Studio21 Ltd. (Educational Division) (2003-2004) [« go there]
E-learning technologies: Sabedu Ltd. (Educational Division) (2002) [« go there]
IT & software consulting: InterPC-Holding Ltd. (Educational Division) (2002) [« go there]
Multimedia programming: Multisoundd 2000, Bp. (2000) [« go there]
Graphic- and web design: FutureSync Studios, Bp. (1997-1999) [« go there]

» Check out the HVG Website 
» Check out the Qualysoft Website 
» Check out the Sanoma Budapest Website 
» Check out the Studio 21 Website 
» Check out the Sabedu Ltd. Website 
» Check out the InterPC Holding Ltd. Website 
» Check out the Multisoundd 2000 Website

For detailed professional reference on IT consulting please follow this link to » professional IT consulting.

For detailed professional reference on Graphic and Web Design follow this link to » designer.

Some "important" project references are:

  • DHVG with HVG Press [« go there] : the very first (!) Hungarian digital weekly magazine for iPad at the time in 2010.
  • Docflow and DocFinito with Qualysoft [« go there] : automatized document management system developed in two phases between 2008-2009.
  • Startlap with Sanoma Budapest [« go there] : a web portal with more than 7000 pages and 1.100.000 unique visitors a day (!) at the time in 2007.

Post Logic Studio

In 2003 I started up my own IT company, Post Logic Studio. The enterprise is a loose cooperation of individuals specializing in specific areas of computer technology, thus the company portofolio covers a large area of information technology, from consultancy to business planning or education to production in all areas of digital media...

For full treatment please follow this link to » Post Logic Studio.

CyberGuru 2002
CyberGuru 2007
CyberGuru 2005

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My computing also involves graphic design for a number of artistic projects.

Please visit my art galleries:


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Want to know more?

» Check out my work in the areas of information technology

» and do check out my Post Logic Studio





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