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FutureSync Studios

 I have my own cyber studio called FutureSync Studios which was also operating as a part-time money making enterprise between 1997-1999.  In 2002 I revived my FutureSync Studios enterprise and I am still working on a number of projects, but money is not involved anymore...

 Although I have never studied computer technology formally, I  have been training myself autodidact at my own cyber studio ever since my first PC in 1992. I consider myself a victim and member of the first cyber generation since I was almost immediately hooked up to information technology at a very early age beginning with the HT, the Commodore, the Spektrum, and the Amstrad computers.

I know both hardware and software engineering and basic programming, thus I can ensemble personal computers and install and set up small networks. I have specialized in computer based graphic design and web design.


Computer skills: 

  • System: (Windows, Linux, Dos)

  • Applications: (MS Office;  Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc.)

  • Internet: (Explorer, Navigator, Outlook, FTP)

  • Language: Javascript and HTML source code

  • Graphic design: Adobe (Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator), Corel (Draw, Photopaint, etc.)

  • Multimedia programming: Macromedia Director & Flash, Swish, etc.)

  • Video and Sound: (Macromedia Authorware, Adobe Premiere, etc.)

  • Web design: (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FrontPage, Freehand, Hot Metal etc.)  

Computer related work experience:  

3D Graphics: Studio21 Ltd. (Educational Division) (2003) [ go there]

E-learning technologies: Sabedu Ltd. (Educational Division) (2002) [ go there]

IT / software administration: InterPC-Holding Ltd. (Educational Division) (2002)

Multimedia programming: Multisoundd 2000, Bp. (2000) [ go there]

Graphic- and web design: FutureSync Studios, Bp. (1997-1999)

Check out The Studio 21 Website 

Check out The Sabedu Ltd. Website 

Check out The InterPC Holding Ltd. Website 

Check out the Multisoundd 2000 Website

For detailed professional reference please follow this link to my work as a designer.

For personal web-design reference check out the webs I have created for a number of companies:

  • Studio21 Training Center [2003] ( check site) (100% mine)* - [ view it (offline version only)]

  • ZENtendence [2003] ( check site) (100% mine)* - [ view it (offline version only)]

  • Munkaugyi Honlap promo [2002] ( check site) (never completed and finally rejected)* - [ view it (offline version only)]

  • The Sierra 2000 Ltd. [1999] ( check site) (slow access)* - (lost in cyberspace)

  • The Danubius Language School [1999] ( check site) (redesigned)* - (lost in cyberspace)

  • The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College [1998] ( check site) (redesigned*) - (lost in cyberspace)


*Please note that I am not responsible for the upkeep of these webs, therefore problems or changes may have been implemented since my involvement.


My computer studies also involved graphic design for a number of artistic projects.


Want to know more? 

Check out my work as a graphic designer

and do check out My Art...

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