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I was working in the Digital Media sector for the following company:

Studio21 Ltd.

Between 2003-2004 I was working as an educational consultant manager at Studio 21 specializing in the education of 3D animation and design. The Studio21 Training Center in its form at the time was my own creation and professional aspect.

The company consists of three major divisions: the Studio21 Solution Center, the Studio21 Training Center and the Design21 Publishing.


Studio21 Solution Center Studio21 Training Center Design21 Publishing

For further information

» Click image for my » presentation about Studio21 [English PPT 7.24 Mb]

» visit the Studio21 Website (online)
» or see it as it was in my time (a part of my web-design gallery now) [« view it ] (offline version only).

Studio21 presentation


Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Studio 21 is a private Hungarian enterprise, which supplies Hungarian animation, broadcast postproduction, film and effect studios as well as interior designers and visualization studios with software, hardware and training. We specialize on animation and effect software solutions, studio systems, realtime and big-capacity storage solutions and networks.

The Studio21 management consists of Gabor Bakos (managing director) and » Peter Kaiser (technical director), who both have a solid production background. The company employs 8 full time staff in the sales and support area, and another 4 part timers are working on testing and developing tasks.


The business profile of the company focuses on three major areas:

1) Software distribution (3d animation-, effect- and editing software)

2) System development, sales and support for Hungarian studios and production companies

3) Software training (Discreet Training Center) » Discreet Website



The Studio21 Solution Center


The Studio21 Solution Center focuses on trading animation, effect and editing software and hardware solutions and on the respective support activities. Distributed software include Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Discreet, Macromedia, RealVIZ, Soft Image and Toon Boom products. Distributed hardware tools include 3Dlabs, Apple, Art Render, Bluefish444, Boxx tech, Cybermind, Iiyama, Matrox, Nvidia, Silicon Graphics and Wacom products.


As a result of our work a broad network of contacts with Hungarian studios and production companies has been established. Our company takes part in several beta testing programs of the major animation and effect software producers.


We have developed a young and talented professional team that is also able to implement new software and hardware technologies in a short time.




The market develops in an all-comprehensive way. The basis of our marketing activity is an up-to-date database with contacts to all major Hungarian players in the domestic post production and animation market. Continuously we appear in the respective Hungarian media and we have good connections with the press and other advertising companies. Yearly we inform the Hungarian expert community with 5000 direct mails.


We also publish our own "Design21" magazine 6 times a year, with complex functions of distributing specialized information and advertisement in the field of animation. The magazine also has an on-line version. Other marketing activities involve 2 major events with ca. 400-500 guests each and 20-25 smaller events. 




The sales activities are structured as follows: Each of our product line is managed by a dedicated sales manager and coordinated by the general manager. In this way a unified and adherent market policy is ensured. To the next line of professionals in sales belong the technicians, engineers and support experts connected to the individual product. These people are coordinated by the technical director. This group delivers the actual and detailed solutions according to the client’s needs together with consulting and support.




Together with one of Hungary's largest banks, we have successfully established a financial construction for the investment in high-value computer systems. Thus we can help our clients to finance with Hungary's cheapest leasing construction for the time being. Currently we are building up relations to western European co-operations for financing technology and production. These constructions will allow Hungarian enterprises short of capital to establish themselves in a competitive market position.




As a logical continuation of the established base of Hungarian business partners and the accumulated knowledge in the field of post production, effect, and 3D animation, we are offering consulting and active outsourcing as a new service in our portfolio.


International post production and animation houses now can receive valuable information about the Hungarian production base and establish stable contacts for outsourcing purposes.

» For further information please visit the » Studio21 Solution Center website.

The Studio21 Training Center



The Studio21 Training Center deals with the training and support of the traded software. It adds and supplements the service activities of Studio21 in a unique way. We offer a wide range of courses providing master training in Discreet, Autodesk, Avid, AliaWavefront, Adobe, Toon Boom and Macromedia software as well as providing modular training in 3ds max, Combustion, Character Studio, Photoshop, Flash, Director and Maya in more than 50 different courses.


Studio21 Training Center Web

CClick image to view » old website
(offline version only)

The Studio21 Training Center also provides full BA courses in 3D Animation, Digital Film and Post Production, DTP and Multimedia, Architectural & Interior Design and CAD. The state accreditation of these courses, are presently under way.

In the mean time we are also busy setting up a European training reseller network as well as a national network and expect a strong development of the training center in the near future. In the last two years over 500 people took part in our trainings with the largest number of participating CG specialists in Hungary.


» For further information please visit the » Studio21 Training Center website or see it as it was in my time [« view it ] (offline version only).

Design21 Publishing

We also publish professional books and our own "Design21" magazine 6 times a year, with complex functions of distributing specialized information and advertisement in the field of animation. The magazine also has an on-line version, which has immediately become to biggest Cg on-line community in Hungary.

» For further information please visit the » Design21 website.


Picture Gallery

Kaiser Péter - New Media Expo 2003

Vobornik András

New 3dsmax Team - Media Expo 2003

Tarr Dániel - New Media Expo 2003

Bakos Gábor - New Media Expo 2003

Studio21 Team 2003

Kaiser Péter - New Media Expo 2003

Kaiser Péter, Tarr Dániel, Kovács Barna, Bakos Gábor 2003

Kovács Barna és Bakos Gábor - Anifest 2003

Bakos Gábor - New Media Expo 2003

Kaiser Péter

New Media Expo 2003

3ds max7 Expo

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