"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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I was actively working in the following fields of Human Arts :


Cultural Anthropology Language Teaching

Social Politics

Buddhist Teaching

Buddhist and Oriental teaching

I studied Buddhism at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College in Budapest besides Hindu, Chinese and Western philosophy. I got so deeply involved, that after finishing my MA, I decided to stay with the institution and become a Buddhist teacher myself.

Between 1995-2003 I was teaching a number of different Buddhist subjects as well as doing research into early Buddhism. I was appointed an associate professor of philosophy in 2000. My major field of interest is Tantric Buddhism - especially the cross-cultural interference of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and religious practice.

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Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology teaching

Between 1997-98 I gave a series of lectures at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at the Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts (ELTE BTK) in Budapest. Although given the opportunity to give more lectures, due to lack of financial compensation I was forced to give up the voluntary teaching. Since then I do occasionally give lectures on the request of the department, but only as a visiting professor.

Later I gave series of lectures on topics relating to cultural anthropology at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, where with some of my colleagues we have created a group of students and professional cultural anthropologists specializing in  Eastern cultures. We were hoping that with the professional oriental training and good oriental language skills, many students will justly contribute to the anthropological research of Eastern cultures in Hungary. There have been a number of great contributions to the research of Hindu Tantric and Chinese Taoist sects. 

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Language Teaching

Language teaching

The Language Teaching Educational and Tertiary Corporation [Nyelvtanito Oktato es Szolgaltato Beteti Tarsasag] was founded in 1998, under my personal management, which was operating between 1998-2003.

Although I have started as an English teacher myself - in fact I did it for almost six years - in the last years I have stopped participating in the active teaching and restricted myself my involvement to managerial duties.

The Corporation was a small scale company and had a number of employees varying between 5-10 people.

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Social Politics and International Affairs

International Affairs

I worked for the Hungarian Ministry of Education in 2001, leading the Development Policy Task Force of the Department for International Co-operation and Strategic Planning.

Our major task was to participate in the processes promoting European integration and to partake in the strategic planning and creation of such "highly important" strategic issues as the first Hungarian White Book on Education and the first European Social Fund related Hungarian National Development Plan.

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