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  • MA. in English Literature and Linguistics - ELTE BTK DELL
  • Awarded MA. in Cultural Anthropology - ELTE BTK
  • BA. in Oriental Studies and Philosophy of Religion - TKBF

Other Skills:

  • "E-learning management" training course - Sabedu Ltd. [11/2002]
  • Consultant sales management - InterPC-Holding Ltd. [2002]
  • System Administrator and Graphic Designer - FutureSync Studios [1998]
  • English Language Teacher - Danubius Language School [1995-99]
  • Intermediate certificate in Librarianship [1993]
  • Adult Training Award as Scout Commissioner & Administrator [1992]

Research: North-India (1995), South-Tunisia (1996), Ladakh & Zanskar & Nepal (1998)


  • Language level: Bilingual English / Native speaker level. Spent ca. 5 years in native environment (England and Wales).
  • Other language studies: French, Tibetan (2 years); Latin, Japanese, Sanskrit (1 year)



 Superlative studies:

Central European University, Budapest [CEU]

    Department of Philosophy – Philosophy Ph.D. program (2001)

Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Budapest – Faculty of Human Arts [ELTE BTK]

Department of English Literature and Linguistics (1993-2000)

Department of Cultural Anthropology (1995-1999)

The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, Budapest [TKBF]

Appointed Associate Professor of Philosophy (2000)

Department of Philosophy of Religion (1993-1997)

Secondary School education:

XII. Tancsics Mihaly High School, Budapest [TMG]

German and English Language Section (1989-1993)

Specialization in Philosophy, Librarianship and Latin (1991-1993)

High School Graduate with certificate in librarianship (1993)

High School Award for outstanding community work (1993)

Primary School education:

II. Attila uti Primary School, Budapest (1983-1984 & 1986-89)

Pioneer Award for community work (1988)

St. Dominic's Middle School, Leeds - England (1985-86)

Super Skills Blue Award for Football (1987)

B.A.G.A. Award for Gymnastics (1986)

XI. Erdi uti Elementary School, Budapest (1981-84)

Vocational training:

  • "E-learning management" training course - Sabedu Ltd. (11/2002)
  • "Marketing and sales management" training course - InterPC-Holding Ltd. (09/2002)
  • "The European Social Fund" training course - ESF Hungarian Training Center (01-06/2001)
  • Special NDP Preparatory Program (SPP Non-Twinning) - National Development Plan Study Tour in Portugal (18-25/03/2001)
  • "Common Policy Modeling" - Hungarian Institution for Executive Civil Service (24-27/02/2001)
  • Professional computer skills training course at the FutureSync Studios (1998)
  • English Language Teacher training course in the Danubius Language School (1998)
  • Intermediate training in Librarianship in the Tancsics Mihaly High School (1991-93) - Intermediate certificate in Librarianship (1993)  
  • "Adult Training and Management" training course by the Welsh Scout Association near Wrexham, Wales (1992) - 'Woodbadge Award' as Scout Commissioner & Administrator
  • "Youth Organization Management" training course in Northampton and Budapest (1992)
  • Bryan Tracy -- "The Phoenix Seminar" personal management course (1990)



After studying philosophy at a number of institutions, I started a three-year long PhD. program in (western) philosophy at the Central European University (CEU) in 2001. My main interest was in Metaphysics and the Theory of Knowledge where I was mainly learning about contemporary metaphysics and contemporary epistemology. One of my possible aims was to create a comparative study of transcendentalism (metaphysical idealism) with regard to both Eastern and Western philosophy. This area has a lot of connections with Eastern thought as I see it. Unfortunately I could not meet the course requirements and had to leave the program [« go there]

» Check out The Central European University Website

I received scientific and traditional education for four years at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College in Budapest, where I specialized on the study of Buddhist philosophy and Eastern thought. I also studied philosophy of religion specializing on Indian culture and Indian religions. I wrote my thesis on Hindu Tantra. [« go there]

- As a teacher of the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College I have been giving lectures since 1995. [« go there]

» Check out The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College Website

I have studied Cultural Anthropology at the Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts (ELTE BTK) specializing on the anthropology of religion - regionally concentrating on Middle- and South-Asia, more specifically India, Nepal, and Tibet. Asian religious phenomena lay in the focus of my studies (especially the intersections of Buddhism and Hinduism), therefore my research area is the religious practice and belief of Indian and Nepalese culture. I wrote my thesis on The Cult of Siva. [« go there]

- As a lecturer of the Cultural Anthropology Department I gave lectures between 1997-98. [« go there]

» Check out The ELTE BTK Cultural Anthropology Department's Website

I have studied English Literature and Linguistics at the Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts (ELTE BTK) specializing on British literature and British culture. Due to my deep involvement in philosophy I was more attracted to literature and especially mysticism and mystic poetry. Therefore I have specialized on the British mystics, such as John Milton and William Blake. I wrote my thesis on The Visionary Poetry of William Blake. [« go there]

» Check out The ELTE BTK English Department's Website

I have also been teaching English as a foreign language since 1995, starting teaching at the Danubius Language School between 1995-1999, where I participated in a language teacher training course in 1988. In 1997 I participated in the post graduate education of teachers, a part of the teacher retraining PHARE-Program. In 1998 I took part in the implementation and testing process of the ECL Language Certificate supervised by the European Community. (In 1998 however, I was forced into creating my own Language Teaching Enterprise, and thus the Language Teaching Educational and Tertiary Corporation was formed to which I have been the general manager ever since.) [« go there]

» Check out the Danubius Language School Website

I underwent a professional computer skills training course at the FutureSync Studios in 1998. The training involved software and hardware engineering and basic programming. Later I have specialized in computer based graphic design and web design. [« go there]

- I also worked as a graphic designer (Macromedia Director and Flash) at the Multisoundd 2000. Ltd. company in 2000. [« go there]

» Check out the Multisoundd 2000 Website


Want to know more?

» Check out my Professional Life and References too.

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