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PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Buddhist Philosophy Hermetic Philosophy Philosophy of Religion
Chinese Philosophy Hindu Philosophy Western Philosophy
CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY Hindu-Buddhist Culture Sociology Travel
Drugs Other
ENGLISH Literature and Linguistics British-American Culture Literature Linguistics
SOCIAL POLITICS Strategic Documents Summaries 
TRANSLATIONS Buddhism and Hinduism

English Literature

All materials are available in the offline version. If not online, then when you are

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Available in Hungarian:

 Buddhist Philosophy :

Chinese Philosophy :

  • Introduction to Chinese Philosophy [Autumn 1993] {GBDC Chinese Philosophy} 
  • The Philosophy of Lost Order [Spring 1994] {GDBC Ancient- and Chinese Philosophy}

Hermetic Philosophy :

Hindu Philosophy :

Philosophy of Religion :

  • ICTHUS [Bence Tarr, Autumn 1994] {GBDC Philosophy of Religion} 
  • Rabbi Jesus [Autumn 1994] {GBDC Philosophy of Religion} 
  • The Vision of Apocalyptic Trends [Spring 1997] {ELTE CAD}
  • The Role of the Egyptian Religion in Early Greek Thought [TMHS Philosophy 1993]
  • MER [Bence Tarr, Spring 1994] {GBDC Philosophy of Religion} 
  • Ziqquratu [Spring 1994] {GBDC Philosophy of Religion} 

Western Philosophy :

History of Philosophy

  • Aurelius Augustinus [Autumn 1995] {GDBC History of Philosophy}

  • Aurelius Augustinus: Confessions [1992] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  • Cognition and Freedom in 17-18th century philosophy [1992] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László} 
  • Descartes: Discourse on Method [1993] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  • Hume: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1993] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  • Individualism and modern philosophy [1992] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  • Plato [1992] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  • Plato: Phaedo [1992] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

  •  Pre-Socratic Thought - The Philosophy of ONE [Autumn 1993] {GDBC Ancient Philosophy}

  • Rousseau: Social Contract [1993] {ELTE PHIL Nagy László}

Available in English:





Available in Hungarian:

Hindu-Buddhist Culture :

Sociology :

Drugs :

Travel :

  • Benares [Spring 1997] - [Magyar Hírlap - Világszám 2. (1997 April)]
  • Indian Drug '95 [Autumn 1995] - [Törökfürdő 1996/1 & Magyar Narancs VIII/28, 1996/06/11]
  • Paris Nouveau [Autumn 1997] - [Max 1997/4 (1997 November)]
  • Sex temples of India [Spring 1997] - [Magyar Hírlap - Világszám 1. (1997 March)]
  • Thailand [Autumn 1997] - [Max 1997/2 (1997 September)]

Other :

  • The Camera Hungary '99 Television Festival - [in The Future of the Media [Média Hungária (1999)]



  Available in English:

Literature :

Linguistics :

British-American Culture :



(All documents were written for the Hungarian Ministry of Education » Check out my work there)

Available in Hungarian:

Strategic Documents :

  • Hungarian White Book on Education (Sections on "Culture & Quality of Life", "Lifelong Learning & Key Competences" and "Quality Assessment")
  • National Development Plan - Human Resource Development (Sections on "Education and Training")
  • Education and Science - The work of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and its correspondence with the Government's Program
  • Educational Policy Development - Strategic Ideas for 2001
  • Phare 2000 Roma Equal Fiche - Promoting Social Integration of Disadvantaged Youth with Particular Emphasis on the Roma Minority (Phase II.)
  • Proposal for the Hungarian Government - The Reconciliation Process of the National Development Plan with the Regional and Social Partners

Summaries :

  • Higher Education Policy in the European Union
  • Adult Education and Vocational Training Policy in the European Union
  • The making of Regional Development Plans and the National Development Plan in Portugal
  • Quality Assessment and Quality Development in Education
  • The 2001 OECD Meeting of Ministers of Education



Available in Hungarian:

Buddhism and Hinduism :

English Literature :

  • John Drew: The Buddha at Kamakura [1995] {poems in English} 
  • Robin Maxwell: The Queen's Bastard [2002] {a romantic, historic novel} 


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