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The Letter of the Warlock of Blood Mountain

front cover (1985)

My very first artistic work was inspired by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's » Fighting Fantasy book series. The Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were similar to other interactive gamebooks that were being published at the time — in that the reader takes control of the story's protagonist, making many choices over the course of the story and turning to different pages in order to learn the outcome of their decisions. The Fighting Fantasy series distinguished itself by the use of a dice system to resolve combat and other situations, not unlike that used in Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games, though far simpler.

There were 59 books in the core series, beginning with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (1982) of which we had at least the first 35 books. (I still do in fact.)

I was so much influenced by the fantasy world and the gamebook style that I have written and illustrated a gamebook myself titled the Ghost Castle in 1985. I was 11 years old at the time. Jump » here for example pages.

With the successful completion of my first gamebook I started an even more abitious project: The Letter of the Warlock of Blood Mountain. This was to be a fully illustrated gamebook with a color illustration covering a whole page. I got as far as completing 17 pages, but given up, because the coloring was to tiresome using colored pens... This » gallery displays the completed pages.

An interesting update is that my son Marcell became interested in the project, so we continued the book in 2008-2009 and added aditional pages, trying to keep to the original style...


Finished pages (1985-1986):


Additional pages drawn with my son Marcell (2008-2009):

Will be updated one day...


Ghost Castle

Example pages of my first book: the Ghost Castle (1985):

Will be updated one day...


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