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Daniel Tarr

Mars Anomaly Research
by Joseph P. Skipper

- A Review -


Joseph P. Skipper presents » Mars Anomaly Research

Mars Anomaly Research

The mission of Mars anomaly research site is for: increased public awareness with hard visual evidence that we are not being told about at official level, evidence that it is all being sourced right from their own official science data. Further, evidence that is fully and completely verifiable in and supported by that official science data.


Real Tubes on Mars

Mars - Humanoid Skull Mars - Strange Colossi Mars - Huge Nozzle Shooting Liquid Spray Mars - Hale Crater Civilization Evidence
Mars - Civilization Sites and Water Mars - Giant Plants and Lakes Mars - Dome wrapped around Immense Tower Mars - Strange Lines Network
Moon Tower evidence Moon Banding Evidence Moon Banding Evidence 2.
Mars - Domes and Plant Puffing Vapor Mars - Colossal Head and Animal Monuments
Mars - Standing Liquid Water Mars - Giant Plant Species

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Mars picture analysis by M. Skipper 

(video by Richard Lalancette)




Mars - Global Evidence Mars - Water Ice, Clouds and Life
Masr - Moving Evidence Mars Spirit Rover - Mixed Life Evidence
Planetary Atmospheric Life Moon and Mars Truths
Google Earth and Trust Nevada Covert Airfields


With the anticipated growth of new postings of evidence here, the use of only a single comprehensive list containing numerous mixed discoveries will obviously become cumbersome to navigate, so this evidence record is now divided in the links below into type categories and the master list complete record also still continues to be available as the last link providing a choice as to how you wish to access this material. Just remember, every bit of visual evidence here is extracted directly from official science data without alteration of appearance and is thoroughly verifiable in that data and supported by it. There are no fanciful visual creations here of any kind by us. What you see here in this record is science hard evidence that your tax dollars paid for the obtaining of but which your officials publicly ignore. The question is why? If you believe as we do that this evidence should be objectively investigated at the highest levels, then become involved by clicking on the "Get Involved" button on the front page of this website to join us in making a difference.

Mars Anomaly Research - Water Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - Bilogical Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - Civilization Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - Warfare Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - The Strange
Mars Anomaly Research - Tampering Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - Moon Evidence
Mars Anomaly Research - Book
Mars Anomaly Research - Evidence Master List

For further explanation please visit the original site at » Mars Anomaly Research

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