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Daniel Tarr

Mars Mines Revealed
by Andrew R. Stec

- A Review -


Mr. Andrew R. Stec Presents » Mars Revealed


The "Crane" with BBMsM:

The Crane with BBMsM

Accident Tube System Exposed:


Ore Ship delivery:

The Ore Delivery

The "Ape Head":

The Ape Head

A Watcher over a repair job:



Andrew Stec

Mr. Andrew R. Stec (MARS) has been studying Humans, literature, world history, conspiracy theories, UFO's, extraterrestrial evidence, anomalies (behavioral and geographical) in his search for the TRUTH.

Recently, MARS utilized widely available computer and digital photographic advancement technology and the plethora of free information on the World Wide Web to its full potential.

Exploring further, he started to take a closer look at the lunar surface... He noticed structures and evidence of mining activity on official NASA images of the moon taken in the 1960's and 1970's that were so obvious that it seemed implausable and extremely suspicious to believe that no one had noticed .

MARS then went on to take an extremely close look at Mars using » HiRise images .

He has gathered more than enough evidence from NASA HiRISE images to prove his case and make this incredibly important discovery public.

MARS is convinced that Planet Mars is currently occupied by life forms other than Human based on the discovery of:

1) machines - ore processors, planet grinders, carriers, operator’s rides, ore transport craft, craft on the ground and in mid-‘air’, etc.

2) structures - transport tubes, cities, industrial complex’, residential areas, defensive bases,

3) huge living 'marsimals'/animals,

4) evidence of fresh mining activity with machines engaged in processing,

5) evidence of processed ore discharge from rear of machines,

6) flow of liquid from underground piping,

7) evidence of WAR/CONFLICT.

After checking and crosschecking his findings, MARS labeled his extensive discoveries and these are catalogued in an ever expanding library of irrefutable evidence.

In February 2008, he offered the original discovery documents of "THE QUARRY", among others, for sale on www.Ebay.com for $ 21,000,000.00. This has established provenance. (See: Photographic Proof Of Current Mining On Planet Mars)

Mr. Andrew R. Stec is currently working in conjunction with Jose Escamilla, 'Rods" discoverer, film maker and producer of "UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied" , "'Moon Rising", and "Interstellar", (www.JoseEscamillaFilms.com) and Val Valerian, founder of the Leading Edge International Research Group, author and publisher of "The Matrix" series. (www.trufax.org)

In order to inform and educate any and all interested Humans, MARS has developed, from his extensive and ever expanding research materials, a series of slideshow and short movie format DVD's, (Online Store) , Three foot posters ,(Online Store), and a large collection of signed and framed photographs of thousands of interesting machines, structures...

Now available in the Online Store, his first film/documentary "Mars Revealed Volume One" features three busy areas on the planet Mars, woven into credible scenarios, backed up by color enlargements, music by Beethoven, Schubert, and Mozart, with descriptions of machines, structures, their apparent functions, and much more. Also includes a special moon segment.




In the Industrial Area of Meridiani Planum, nestled in its berth, the Crab ship is surrounded by a network of tunnels/roads with two tunnel entrances visible @ 2 o'clock.


Outside the White City, in the 'Burbs, the Two Horned Skull appears to be a structure with a 'head', thick 'neck', and what appear to be 'feet' for support. Function uncertain.


The colorful glowing platform floating away from the crater's bottom has left a visible impression in the crater where it had landed.

Photographic Proof Of Current Mining On Planet Mars and original documentation of machines at rest and work  


THE QUARRY (l to r), BBMsM Imprint, Bugs Bunny Martian sans Mohawk (BBMsM), the Crane, the Spike Helmet, the Stomach, the Enigma, and the Choo-Choo Borer. Planet Mars, Northern Meridiani Planum, HiRISE Image - Dec. 2007.

The Meridiani Planum

Meridiani Planum is a region on Mars which  gives one a glimpse into the inner workings of an interstellar mining civilization.

The upper 25% of the area is the Quarry, a mining operation  which appears to have a shape similar to the Boot of Italy.

There are at least seven large machines in various states of action present here. I have given names to the various machines based on first impression at time of discovery. These names are based on my life experiences, objects observed, and European background which might not reflect the image as you see it.

These are impressions based on enlargementrs of NASA photographs taken from 171 miles above Mars. I make no excuses but state that this is the best resolution I could achieve with the images and equipment on hand.

To the left is the Imprint made by a machine I named the  Bugs Bunny Martian sans Mohawk (BBMsM)  now standing upright ‘looking down’ at the Imprint, and it appears to have a wire attached to a hook on its ‘head’ which is attached to the arm of the Crane,  simply named for the function it appears to perform.

Six o’clock  from the Crane is another ‘imprint’. This is the ‘bite’ mark of the Spike Helmet ore processor.

The Spike Helmet has a ‘visor/bite’ mechanism in front, a series of sections that appear to ‘bite down’ on a mountain. There is an arch and a platform with figures? in the ‘mouth’ area.

In the ‘ear’ area, there is an armature which could provide locomotion and/or anchor the machine when it works.

There is a ’spike’ on top of the machine which fits perfectly in the bite mark directly below the BBMsM machine. There are also many other spike marks in various stages of camouflage. 

To the left of ‘ear area’ is a series of objects, a tripod with ball, platforms, scaffolding. Perhaps a repair job?

Looking from the Spike Helmet to 1 o’clock is the Stomach, an ore processor with a vacuum/suction apparatus ‘mouth’ that draws in the raw material, processes it, and discharges the effluvium out the ‘rear’. This is apparent in the enlargement.

To the right of the Stomach, at 3 o’clock, is another machine I named the Choo Choo Borer simply because it looks like a locomotive and it is boring into the rock. This also has processed ore emitting from the rear.

Looking in a southerly direction from the Choo Choo Borer, along the ‘west coast’ of ‘Italian boot’, we encounter the Arm/Hammer Helmet apparently engaged in breaking up rock strata. This is evident in the apparent motion of the ‘Arm” where we can see the diffusion of the image in area of oscillation and where hammer meets rock face.

Looking down and to the left of the Arm/Hammer Helmet, there is a large complex of piping and structural angles. This could be a processing plant or control area.

There are many more smaller support machines and structures in this area so look around carefully.

This is a working mining operation and the image was acquired Dec. 12, 2007.

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