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I was working in the Information Technology sector for the following companies:

Studio21 Ltd.

Presently I am working as an educational consultant manager at Studio 21 specializing in the education of 3D graphic design

For full treatment please follow this link to » Studio21.

» For further information visit the » Studio21 Website.


Infinity Ltd.

The business philosophy of the Infinity Ltd. is to offer effective solutions to commercial questions occurring at economic organizations, and by creating values through its services to provide sustainable competitive advantage and success for its business partners.

In early 2003 I was working as an information technology consultant manager for the Infinity Ltd. Unfortunately the job was far too administrative in nature, therefore I didn't stay very long.

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» For further information visit the » Infinity Website.


Sabedu Ltd.

In 2002 I was working as an e-learning manager for the  Sabedu Ltd. heading the educational division. In addition to the managerial and administrative duties, my main responsibilities involved the full spectrum of project management: coordination of employees, management of orders, administration, professional supervision and monitoring. 

For full treatment follow this link to » E-Learning.


» For further information visit the » Sabedu Website.


InterPC Ltd.

I was working at the computer educational division of the InterPC-Holding Ltd. as a consultant sales manager for a short time in early 2002. Specializing in ITC education my main responsibilities were client sales representation and participating in the organization of courses.

The InterPC School was founded in 1997 and with a number of ca. 2500 students a year, it has become a leading national network specializing in adult and vocational training.  Students can choose between three levels of training - starting from basic PC skills through to intermediate IT software specialist to superlative expert programming. Students passing the course examination can obtain a degree accredited by the state (OKJ) and automatically receive the ECDL certificate recognized by all states of the European Union.

The three levels of training grant the successful participant all the special skills required for any computer specialist: On the basic level (9 months training) they can master computer operator skills - gaining a computer operator degree. On the intermediate level (9 months training) they can master software administrator skills - gaining a software administrator degree. And on the superlative level (15 months training) they can master special programming skills, gaining a degree entitled "computer science programmer" or "computer science educator specialist". 

» For further information visit the » InterPC-Holding Website.


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