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I have two sons Marcell and Dominik from my first marriage with Emese and I have a daughter Zoé from my second marriage with Orsi. I had 12 years in my first and 4 years in my second relationship. Although I loved them, both marriages ended in divorce.

My mother is Maria and my father is Ferenc. I have an identical twin brother Bence who is married to Mody - their sons are Norbi and Balint, their daughter is Csilla. I also have two more brothers: Marci who is married to Gabi with their daughter Tünde and their son Bulcsú, and my youngest brother Feri.

Also part of the family are my spiritual brothers Stuart and Marc.

Only my grandmother Deda is still alive, but the grandfathers Imre (Papo) and Karoly bacsi are still in my heart. My father's mother Teri died when I was still young.

I have three cousins on my mother's side: Adam with his wife Gertrud - their daughter is Hanna; Miklos with his wife Juli - their sons are Balazs and Botond; and Ancsa who is married to Francesco. I also have seven cousins on my father's side: Monika and his brother Gabor who is married to Zsuzsi - their daughter is Tamara; David and his sisters Zsofi and Kriszti who is married to Peter; and Zsuzsanna and her brother Benedek.

The two aunts on my mother's side are: Kati who divorced both Laszlo and Gyuri; and Zsuzsi with her husband Attila. The three uncles on my father's side are: Gabor with his second wife Magdi; Karoly with his wife Erzsi; and Miklos with his second wife Agi.

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The family has a very interesting history: on my mother's side my grandmother's line it can be traced back to the German noble Suppan family  to 1786. Other German noble lines involved are the Meier and Kineast families traced back to 1825. Another line leads to the Transylvanian noble Gyertyanfi family to 1818. My grandfather's line can be traced back to the Jewish Goldschmied and Feisthaml families to 1854.

If you are inteted, you can now see the whole family tree (251 persons) online. Visit the Tarr Family Tree website. Also you can check out the whole genealogy at the Genopro family tree. [« view it ] (you need » genopro to view it)

The fact is that my family has a terrible historical background. Both grandparents on my father's side were orphans raised by priests and nuns leading a poor and simple life. On my mother's side my grandfather's Jewish family was deported to Aushwitz. My grandmother's family and wife's grandparents were 'capitalist' deported by the communists. My parents grew up with very little and fought hard to achieve what is now.

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Marc Monmohan Gold

» Marc

Stuart 1998


Emese 2005

» Emese

Orsi 2007

» Orsi


Dad and Mom

Ferenc & Maria

Bence and Mody

» Mody & Bence

Marci and Gabi

Gabi & Marci

Feri 2001



Dedacska (grandma)


Miki and Juli

Miklos & Juli

Adam and Gertrud

Adam & Gertrud

Ancsa and Francesco

Ancsa & Francesco


Zsófi 2007

» Zsófi



Kriszti, Peti and Flora

Kriszti & Peti & Flóra

Gabor and Zsuzsi

Gábor & Zsuzsi


Norbi 2010


Balint 2010


Csilla 2010


Tunde 2008



Bulcsu 2009



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