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I was working in the Business Informatics sector for the following company:

Infinity Ltd.

The business philosophy of the Infinity Ltd. is to offer effective solutions to commercial questions occurring at economic organizations, and by creating values through its services to provide sustainable competitive advantage and success for its business partners.


In early 2003 I was working as an information technology consultant manager for the Infinity Ltd. Unfortunately the job was just far too administrative in nature, therefore I didn't stay very long.

My responsibilities included: 

key account management
client sales representation and personal relations
maintaining co-operations with business partners, private companies and governmental agencies
the strategic planning and development of tenders and projects
participating in tender writing (especially in connection with governmental funds)



Company Profile

The Infinity Ltd. has three major fields of activities:

I. BUSINESS CONSULTANCY - It is of vital importance for the economic organizations to find all the hidden potentials, and by which the company can be more successful. For Infinity Ltd the value of work means giving effective assistance to firms in this process providing consultancy services to private and public sectors.

II. EXPLORING AND DEVELOPING APPLICATIONS AND TENDERS - Focusing on domestic and EU applications and tenders for the Hungarian SMEs. Infinity’s main objectives are: preparation, management and technical preparation of grant based domestic or EU programs for Hungarian SMEs.


1. Definition of IT needs: The definition of requirements related to the systems about to be established is derived from the strategy. Assessment and definition of business needs assessment and definition of needs and demands; adjustment of needs to the company’s strategy; and integration of existing needs into business processes.

2. Business modeling, scenario planning: Detailed and meticulous planning and control in parallel with the exploration of the potentials. The process involves the creation of development time-scheduled plans; the creation of development budget plans and the modeling of business outputs.

3. IT development: The realization of the created IT concept is strictly connected to the company's organizational architecture and its business management. The well-established system, beyond being accurate and constantly disposable, effectively gives the data and provides additional information to the executive board, at the same time, adjusting to the organizational potentialities. For the practical implementation and execution of the created management information and decision-support systems as well as for the changes and execution of developments possibly occurring later, Infinity provides a professionally trained and experienced team to assist in matters in hand.

Decision-support systems: In our present day, the world's leading institutions, the economic organizations of the public service and the competitive sphere are all handling and generating gigantic amount of data about their clients, about the services provided to them and about the business policy in general. The quick and accurate information-processing as well as the systematic breakdown and analysis are the indispensable prerequisite of the economic decisions. It has become clear that the institutions facing increasingly tougher competition on the globalizing market can use the analysis of the continuously swelling masses of data and the conclusions that can be made based upon them as strategic devices.

System integration: System integration does not only mean compiling a specific system but also means thinking about an extended viewpoint in the vertical of informatics, thinking in a complex system. Only such system integration activity is justified which starts from the interpretation of the business level and builds the IT knowledge on business knowledge. We manage our system integration assignments according to these principles.

Internet based solutions: Our team has been majoring in the technical creation of homepages and portals made for profit oriented companies as well as for public institutions. We can solve the most complex tasks, our colleagues have significant experience in developing and applying the most modern web technologies (Java, ActiveX, ASP, CGI, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Perl, XML, etc.) If requested, we can carry out the design, creation and maintenance of a completely electronic, complex information infrastructure, combining e-commerce solutions (B2B or B2C) and underlying inner systems adjusted to the company’s business processes.

4. Operation and maintenance, support: With regard to the developed systems, our firm ensures full-scale documentation (system plan, user manual, operation manual, etc.) as well as providing full-scale maintenance and support services.

5. Total quality management: In order to ensure seamless and unobjectionable operation and use of the developed systems, we provide operational and data security total quality management services adjusted to the client’s needs.

» Fur further information visit the » Infinity Website.

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