"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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The Global Collective
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Finally, ParaRadio has put together an English language programme, just for you dear listeners.

Every Friday, Global Collective gives you all the things you need to know about our capital, Budapest, as well, cool music, and news from home.

There will be inetrviews from time to time, to spice up the conversation. The crew of Freya, Lilli the dog, Gibby and Big Bob, are looking to see you in front of your computer on Friday evenings.

Keep it locked here, on Para.


   Global Collective

Global Collective's first show coming at you with Freya, Lilli the dog, Gibby and Big Bob.

A collage of social gibber looking at some lighter topics including:
a guide to utter pleasure in the steam baths of Budapest;
men having babies;
and general entertainment and joys in the city.

Daredevil Lilli's challenge: Guess the sound and she'll swallow flaming swords live in the studio for your pleasure.
All backed by a funky selection of fine grooves courtesy of DJ Ildi.

The Tunes:
Zero Zero: Zeroxed (kickin')
El platanal de bartolo: Cubanisimo (rykodisc)
Karma Police: Radiohead (parlophone)
LFO: LFO (warp)
Misnomer: Fourtet Dialouge
Organ Donor: DJ Shadow (mowax)
Touching Bass: Tiny Stars (wall of sound)

  Global Collective.....3 March 2000 Top


The crew back with tunes and views on all the need to know essentials for surviving in Budapest.

Animal welfare 1% tax contribution: 18015676-1-41; donations direct from your bank: 10402283-22802398-00000000.

Caving in and around Budapest.

Topless girl will massage your bonnet, bumper and hood ornament for a fee...

Lili Challenge: What's that sound? Plus solutions to last week's brain-busters.

Tunes: Messiah: There is no law
DJ Krust: Tribute
Revolting Cocks: Do ya think I'm sexy?
Tricky: I like the girls
E:mit: (Unknown)
Nightmares On Wax: Smokers' Delight

Gibby, Freya, Rolf, Big Bob and Lili.....

Global Collective: 10 March, 2000.


Watch out! Back in the cave of chaos with Freya, Rolph, Big Bob, Gibby and Daredevil Lili spinning some mayhem and messing about with misdemeanors in BP

...the amazing `the What`s That Noise Challenge?` with Lili the dog preparing to perform for your aural pleasure!!

...should church graffiti offenders be damned to hell for all eternity???

A few mentions:
cinetrip party: screamadelic orchestra of light and sound / at the Rudas / 03.18
the Banditos are back...! Wednesday Night Fever / Trafo Tuzolto-Lilliom u. / Wednesdays!
History of Hungarian Films II retro at the Taban
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in alignment: Planetarium , Nepliget / 11.03.

The tunes:
FIFA: Wappen To You \ Beats By Dope Demand 4 \ cd1 tr6 (6:43)
B.Boys: Song for the Man \ Hello Nasty \ tr4 (3:14)
Tricky: Carriage for Two \ Angels with Dirty Faces \ tr9 (4:45)
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy Come To Daddy \ tr1 (4:22)
Mono: Life in Mono \ Hardhop Tripno v.2 \ tr10 (6:36)
Buccaneer: Bruk Out! \ Give 'Em The Boot Vol.2. \ tr13

Global Collective: 17 March, 2000


Freya, Big Bob, Gibby and Lili coming at you with the Global Collective as we go back to the Wild Wild West with special guests Andy and Alex all the way from the States here to do it American style all over the microphone...
This week we`ve got madness in Budapest and round the Globe;
we discuss the serious state of schizophrenia as well as the plain and simple craziness of ’Extreme Sports’
The latest edition of ’Name That Sound’ has another round of mind-bending puzzles and clues, while Lili waits in earnest for the correct solutions, which will ultimately send her into a frenzy around the studio.

The Tunes:
Wumpscut UK Decay
DJ Krush Escapee Kakusei
Bill Laswell/Scanner Oscilliations
Sol Brothers That Elvis Track
Lee Scratch Perry Double Six
Leftfield Melt/Song of Life Leftism

Global Collective: 24 March, 2000



Freya, Big Bob, Gibby and Lili are rejoined this week by Rolf as they cruise the airwaves in search of the answer to our dreams.
Special guest Cyber Guru gives us the lowdown on what the secrets of sleep really mean: are they stress-related, messages from the subconscience or are we really just filthy perverts as previously thought.
Lili limbers up as we tanter your eardrums again with `Name that Sound`.
There are also some useful hints on an afternoon in Budapest. If your bored and need a few ideas then pay us a visit.

The Tunes:
Juno Reactor Conga Fury Bible of Dreams
Future Sound of London Life Forms Life Forms
Death in Vegas Opium Shuffle Dead Elvis
Ricky & Bunny Bush Weed Corn Trash Reggae Greats vol.3
Manu Chao Bongo Bong Clandestino
Finley Quaye Supreme I Preme Maverick a Strike

Global Collective: March 31, 2000


We are floating in the spaceship Global Collective sending our transmission down to you as we journey into unknown voids and the enormous space all around us! This gives us quite a lot of time to ponder the universe and what we make of it!

Of course, we brought some tunes with us in case the pondering fried our brains too much.
Business as usual - Lili challenge: What`s that Noise?`

The usual crew: Freya, Rolf, Big Bob, Lili and Gibby.

The Tunes:
DJKrust CodedLanguage codedlanguage
Reel Big Fish Beer
Supergrass Richard III
Unkle Chaos Psyence Fiction
FreqNasty Mars Booms Back BBDD Part.IV
William Orbit/Barber Adagio for Strings
Global Collective: April 7, 2000.

Back with the crew hotly debating the values of modern society - is it all for one, or do ya help ya neighbour with the groceries.

Rolf, Gibby, Big Bob, Freya and Lily tickle your fancy yet again in time to a few tunes and some topics of less importance than washing your knickers - hey but who knows, it could be this 60 minutes that saves your life...

The Tunes:
Massive Attack: Karmakoma - Protection
Clave Y Guaguanco: Como Ruge - La Candela
Violent Femmes: Country Death Song
Lee Scatch Perry: Roast Fish and Cornbread - Reggae Greats v.III
UZIQ: The Hwicci Song - Royal Astronomy

Drum Club: Plateau of Wolves - Live in Iceland

Global Collective: April 14, 2000

Back to the Brink and over it sideways groobing spine-tingling jobbies ensemble. WINE fairground throbbing head-moppishness perchance! We are at the cinema, chundering, being scared and generally lewd...

Special guests!
All the way from the BBC in England, Wireless Eddie Grabham and also the most moppish Headmop!...

The Tunes:
Fat Boy Slim: Build it up, Tear it down - You`ve Come a Long Way Baby
King Louie/Balou: I Wanna be Like You - Jungle Book OST
Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
Blind Melon: Time - Blind Melon
Tricky: Makes me Wanna Cry - Pre-Millenium Tension

Global Collective: April 21, 2000.

An unusually usual Friday night with the Global Collective as Freya, Gibby, Sick Rolf and Silent Lili are joined by special guests Lady B, Cyber Guru and the unpronounceable M all the way from the USA to share tales of mishap and disaster on our travels in places so remote they`re almost impossible to find.
Spend an hour with us - We promise you won`t regret it…

The Tunes:
UFO: Spy`s Spice - 3rd Prospective
Anima Sound System: Igaz Szerelem - Anima
Lauryn Hill: Every Ghetto, Every City - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Baraka: Broken Vows
BuckFunk3000: Live Radio Session Mix
Beastie Boys: Professor Booty - Check Your Head
Global Collective: April 28, 2000.

The original five are back: Gibby, Rolf, Big Bob, Rolf and Lili with very special guest Tim, the mouse as the wonders of modern science as well as illegal parking become central themes in an hour of aural confusion.

Should one be expected to pay fines dating 4 years or should we tell govenor to take a running jump.

Join us to discover more plus the best place to find escargot.

The Tunes:
Death in Vegas: Rocco
Mr Oizo: Flatbeat
Dirty Beatniks: Don´t Stop(´97 Radio Remix)
Smash Mouth: Can´t Get Enough of you Baby - Astro Lounge
FSOL: Papua New Guinea (12" Original)

Global Collective: May 5, 2000.

The folks return with their very own interpretation of what work is, potential future career choices and exactly how to avoid that very controversial aspect of life which makes most of us go numb in the neurological region.

Rolf is preoccupied,...
Big Bob is bearly holding par, Freya is praising her students and Gibby...
well Gibby is just trying to hold things together as usual.
And Lili...where is Lili???

The Tunes:
Sol Brothers The Elvis Tune (Remix)
Pure Plasma + DJ Swingsett feat. Lisa Shaw: Believin'
Smash Mouth: Padrimo
Manu Chao: Luna Y Sol Clandestino
Tricky: Makes Me Wanna Die

Global Collective: May 12, 2000.

Are we alone in there, or has your boss got a camera stuffed away somewhere in the bog..

The usual gang are back with special guests Attila and an unexpected return from Lady B.

A look at the fundamentals concerning voyeurism and exhibitionalism. You may not want to scratch your nads while in the presence of strangers but behind closed doors let the anal intruder come forth...

The Tunes:
Leftfield: Phat Planet Rythym & Stealth
Radiohead: Electioneering OK Computer
Prodigy: Breathe The Fat of the Land
The Jungle Bros.: Jungle Brother (Terra Nova Remix) Raw Deluxe
Boban Markovics Orkestar: Crni Voz
Global Collective: May 19, 2000.

What pisses you off? This week we look at the injustices committed by the big boys, and exactly which ones deserve an anal prodding (our award for those inexcusable bastards who commit bolshi crimes against humanity - or at least against us):

we`ve got tree-transplanting; fascist debt-collectors; bastard governments; and the most politically-incorrect of them all - no bra-wearing (Are Big Bob`s classes doing too much of this, or Rolf`s too little?).

Freya and Gibby are also back stoking the fire in an hour of mayhem caused mainly by DJ Ildi`s tardiness and the team’s technical ignorance.

Also keep watching this space over the next couple of weeks for the appearance of a new crewmember - Herb. Who is he? Where has he come from? What does he want? How long is he staying?

And my biggest question: Whose microphone is he going to use?

The Tunes:
Blues Traveller: Fallible - Four
Massive Attack: Teardrop - Mezzanine
Mono: Life in Mono - HardhopTrypno v.2
Recoil: Drifting
Supersuckers: Psyched Out - How the Supersuckers became the greatest..
Unkle: Rabbit in your Headlights - Psyence Fiction
Global Collective: May 26, 2000.

An evening of more tom-foolery by the crew as we go live on location at the Ninja gig with a live telephone interview with Big Bob who has the lowdown on who, how and where.

So tune in and you’ll discover what the long-term effects of viagra have done to Rolf.

The Tunes:
Afro Cuban All Stars: Clasiquendo con Rubén - Afro Cuban All Stars
Harvey Danger: Flagpole Sitta
Portishead: Numb - Dummy
Gravediggaz: Repentance Day - The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel
Death in Vegas: All that Glitters - Dead Elvis
Sandpipers: Mighty Mouse - The Man in the Moon OST
Ben Harper: ???? - from the welcome to the cool world album
Global Collective: June 2, 2000.

What pisses you off? This week we look at the injustices committed by the big boys, and exactly which ones deserve an anal prodding (our award for those inexcusable bastards who commit bolshi crimes against humanity - or at least against us):

we`ve got tree-transplanting; fascist debt-collectors; bastard governments; and the most politically-incorrect of them all - no bra-wearing (Are Big Bob`s classes doing too much of this, or Rolf`s too little?).

Freya and Gibby are also back stoking the fire in an hour of mayhem caused mainly by DJ Ildi`s tardiness and the team’s technical ignorance.

Also keep watching this space over the next couple of weeks for the appearance of a new crewmember - Herb. Who is he? Where has he come from? What does he want? How long is he staying?

And my biggest question: Whose microphone is he going to use?

The Tunes:
Blues Traveller: Fallible - Four
Massive Attack: Teardrop - Mezzanine
Mono: Life in Mono - HardhopTrypno v.2
Recoil: Drifting
Supersuckers: Psyched Out - How the Supersuckers became the greatest..
Unkle: Rabbit in your Headlights - Psyence Fiction
Global Collective: June 9, 2000.

An abundance of ‘oh my gods’ are being flung around the studio tonight as MacDaddy gives us the lowdown on Planet California.

The crew is becoming more self-sufficient and even Big Bob is getting to grips technically. The new arrival - Herb - is causing chaos between Freya and Gibby.

And Rolf is....Hang on! Where is Rolf? Why didn’t he turn up tonight? Has there been an accident or has he been the victim of foul play?

All this and probably much less will be revealed in an hour of frenzied confusion. You could do a lot worse than checking us out.....

The Tunes:
Bushwacka & Layo: Kusekhaya - Low Life
Bomb the Bass: Bug Power Dust - Clear
Berrington Levi & Bountyhunter: Murderer
Radiohead: Exit Music (for a film) - Ok Computer
Mr Vegas: Heads High
Bushwacka & Layo: Perfect Storm - Low Life
Mr. Mitchell: Jackie’s Pregnant
Global Collective: June 16, 2000.

How do you know when a werewolf is lurking around the corner? What effect does the full moon have on your libidinous?

Cyber Guru is back with the crew but for how long? Tune into us for an hour and find out the answer to these questions and many more...

The Tunes:
Missy Elliot: The Rain - Bass in your Face
Alex Kidd: I See - Playground
Jega: Red Mullett
Rianas: Wone
Fluke: Atom Bomb - Risotto
Aphex Twin: Acrid Avid Jam Shred - I Care Because...
Global Collective: June 23, 2000.

Chaos in the studio as we are joined by Tigabeast in a thrilling hour of mayhem. We get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not in Canada.

Gibby, Freya, Rolf and Lady B are revving it up on the mics while even Big Bob is getting to grips technically. We have first encounters with Herb (keep it locked here for pics) who only seems to be interested in Gibby’s groin. For and hour of fun and entertainment you can’t beat the Global Collective...
The Tunes:
Tricky/Debbie Harry
Dubmatique: Montreal/Paris/Dakar - La Force de Comprendre Sade: Sweetest Taboo
Natalie MacMaster: Gramma In My Hands
Sublime: Sarterea
La Familia Cantardo: La Rumba
Klaus Nomi: You Don’t Own Me - Klaus Nomi
Global Collective: June 30, 2000.

Beer and bullshit are the themes for tonight. Big Bob has been presented with a tribute which everybody appreciates on tonight’s show.

We have a look at two recent parties attended by different members of the crew: FrankHegy and a German Festival gig.
Keep it here with Freya, Big Bob, Gibby and Rolf if you know what’s good for you...

The Tunes:
Luke Vibert: Slipped Disc
Echobelly: Scream - Everybody's Got One
PJ Harvey: Teclo - To Bring you my Love
Coldcut: Atomic Moog 2000(Cornelius remix) - Let Us Replay
Incubus & DJ Greyboy: Familiar
Jega: Red Mullet
Backing Tape: Africa Iloobia Selection
Global Collective: July 7, 2000.


The Soundz:
De-Phazz: Little Company - Detunized Gravity
Mungo Jerry: In the Summertime
King Missile: Detachable Penis - Happy Hour
Reel Big Fish: Hungry Like the Wolf
Drivin' 'n' Cryin': Underground Umbrella
Butthole Surfers: Who was in my room last night?
Morcheeba: Tape Loop
Ministry: Jesus Built my Hotrod - Psalm 69
Global Collective: July 14, 2000.

He He He…
Where could Rolf be?
Is Herb pulling his weight?
Will Big Bob finally get it together?
Has a cat got Gibby's tongue?
Will Freya make it on time this week?

The Soundz:
Leftfield: Swords - Rhythm & Stealth
The Bollywood Brass: Hawa Hawa(wind) - The Bollywood Brass Band
La Familia: Cuando saga el sol - Cuando Salga el Sol
Pete Lockhead & Joji Hirota: Kanjirazz - From Taiko to Tabla
Dhamu Suna Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts
Lauryn Hill: DooWop(that thing) - The Miseducation of…
Global Collective: July 28, 2000.

Lots of faaaaaaaantastic guests tonight with Funky George and Georgette cluing us up as our English correspondents on what the scene is in London. Also a bonus guest in Frank as he tintilates us with tales from Finland.

Radio, impotency, dietry-fibre and retardedness are all some of the topics on tonight`s Global Collective.

Jhelisa: Friendly Pressure - Rebirth of Cool Phive
Reverend Horton Heat Liquor, Beer & Wine: Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Back
Lee Scratch Perry: Chase the Devil
Jazz Brothers: Beatitude Multidirection
Madness: One Step Behind - The Greatest Hits
Global Collective: August 11, 2000.

What happens when a Scotsman and a Canadian go one hour in the same studio? Chaos...

Tristan and Jim come face to face in the studio whilst Rolf, Gibby and Freya do their best to stop them from biting each other. Big Bob takes a break on the reigns.
The result.....wait and see.

Therapy: Church of Noise - Semidetached
De-Phazz: Nameless Life - Detunized Gravity
Robert Johnson: Crossroad Blues - Crossroad Blues
The Smiths: Girlfriend in a Coma - Strangeways, Here We Come
Lee Scratch Perry: Double Six - Reggae Greats
Phreaky Tornado: Dragonfly - Various
Global Collective: August 18, 2000.

The Global Collective is once again with the reappearance of Big Bob back on board after a wee absence.

Freya`s been digging, Rolf`s been pondering, Gibby`s been fretting and the newest addition to the Global Collective, Issa, has been rolling.

What will we think of next?

Next it out funk soul sister...

The Tunez:
Ohm Square: Jam - Scion
Morcheeba: World Looking in - Fragments of Freedom
Jon Marsh: Adam & Eve - All that Jazz
Krafty Kuts feat. T.C.: Islaam type sound - Dope on Plastic 7
Roni Size: Heroes - New Forms
Cowboy Beebop: Bad Dog - No Biscuits Original Sound Track
Bomb the Bass: Bug Powder Dust - Rebirth of Cool Phive
Global Collective: August 25, 2000.

A much cooler Budapest night as the Global Collective are back on the internet radio waves.

Freya and Gibby are away discovering the virtues of the Hungarian countryside but Big Bob, Rolf and Izzi are trying to keep the show alive and as entertaining as possible. Check us out…

The Tunz:
Reef: Come Back Brighter
Juno Reactor: Pistolero - DJ Palotai/Abrak a Dubra
The Almighty: Wild `n` Wonderful - Blood, Fire & Love
Kispál és a Borz: Ha az Életben (Azul mix) - Kispálramix
Kispál és a Borz: Utolsó Aktus a Földön (Neo mix) - Kispálramix
Beck: ?? - Odelay
Global Collective: September 1, 2000.

We have the Global Collective for you in all its extravagance, but for one hour only..(then you can listen in archive)

So the point being that if you want to check us out live you will have to have listened in (dig the structure?) last Friday from 8pm/cet.

Otherwise you may do so in archive. Clear?

The Soundz:
Ibrahim Ferrer
Dexy's Midnight Runners: Come on Eileen
???: Do ya think I`m sexy?
Groove Armada: See you baby! - Vertigo
Beastie Boys: So watcha want? - Check Your Head
Buena Vista Social Club
Global Collective: September 8, 2000.

Two very special ladies join us tonight in the form of our old friend Lady B and a first timer Lady X. And they don't call her Lady X for nothing.

She talks to us about life in a small film producing company in Budapest.

Will conflict between these two cause chaos within the Global Collective? Stick around to find out.

The Soundz:
Boban Markovic Orkestar feat. Lajko Felix: Crni Voz
Samonite + DelightYa: Y2K.com
MK Seed: Marsha & Allen's Wedding Song - Siamese Seeds
Jam X: Chubby Chupp
Manu Chao: Mentira - Clandestino
Ghuto Monks: Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts
Speedy J: Ping Pong - Beats by Dope Demand 2
Global Collective: September 15, 2000.

Rolf and Big Bob are both kicking back again this week in Spain and Belgium respectively.

But Gibby, Freya and Izzi manage to keep the Global Collective grooving along...

The Soundz:
Red Snapper: Sucker Punch - Making Bones Lamb: Gold(Autechre remix)
The James Taylor Quartet: Theme from Starsky & Hutch
Portishead: Mysterons - Dummy
Talvin Singh feat. Amar: Jaan - Anokha - sounds of the Asian Underground
Shamen: Move any Mountain
(Backing music - Bollywood Brass Band)
Global Collective: September 22, 2000.

Welcome back crew!
The boys are back, spirits are high and there's plenty to discuss on the show tonight.

Plus our usual line-up of groovy tunes to keep you listeners enthused.

The Choonz:
King Missile: Martin Scorsese - Happy Hour
United Future Organisation: Dice for a Chance - 3rd Perspective
The Egg: The fat boy goes to the cinema - Albumen
Beuna Vista Social Club
Lamb: Bonfire - Fear of Fours
Journeyman: Spy - National Hijinx
Manic Street Preachers: ? - Generation Terrorists
(Backing Music - Lauryn Hill Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)
Global Collective: September 29, 2000.

The Global Collective is back with a hiss and a roar.
Gibby is at Frankhegy, Rolf has got a bug but fortunately for all of us Freya saves the day with a couple of charming young ladies, namely Missy and Angel.

We discuss the finer points of being a student in modern society at Budapest`s ELTE University.
How do they get in?
What is expected of them?
And how easy is it for a student to survive financially?
These are just some of the questions answered on this week`s Global Collective.

We also give a mention to the best thing to hit Budapest since Rudas and Student Island - Frankhegy. If your up for a walk in the forest, experimental music, and a very chilled environment then this is the place to be Friday and Saturday nights. Be there or go somewhere else.

The Soundz:
Groove Armada: If Everybody Looked the Same - Vertigo
Levellers: Hope St. - Headlights-White Lines-Black Tar Rivers
Massive Attack: Inertia Creeps - Mezzanine
Capoeira Twins: 4X3 - Dope on Plastic 7.
Simply Red: Something Got Me Started - Stars
Bran Estersnowe: Port-Kikötő
(Backing music: Matrix)
Global Collective: October 6, 2000.

Full house tonight with the Global Collective.
Lady X and Swifty are here to present Spoken Word to us in its full, uncensored spokenness. What is it? How do we do it? What are the limits? Where can we see it live?
We also have the return of some old favourites: Cyber Guru and Lady B.
So join us to have more fun than pulling the wings off flies…

Green Velvet: Answering Machine Green Velvet
Kingpins: Plan of Action Plan of Action
Learn to play Bongos
Tosca: Suzuki Suzuki
Swifty: Lazarus In the Future
D.A.D: Bad Craziness Psychopatico 1
Learn to play Bongos
Recoil: Chrome Liquid
(backing music: Journeyman Remix)
Global Collective: October 13, 2000.

A Global Collective first: we are beaming to you on Friday 13th.

We're back to our Global roots with Freya, Izzi, Rolf, Big Bob, Gibby, Herb and Lady B who seems to be becoming an ever-increasingly popular weekly addition.

We discuss recent events, talk some silliness and give you the chance to win a Chesty Morgan t-shirt: all you have to do is listen in and answer the question relating to Chesty. Nothing could be easier...

The Tunez:
The Plastic Avengers: Stereo Spaghetti Grafitti
David Holmes: Incite a Riot - Bow Down to the Exit Sign
Jolly Boys: Banana - Pop 'N' Mento
Mouse on Mars: niun niggung
Headrillaz: Weird Planet - Coldharbour Rocks
Nine Inch Nails: Gave Up - Broken
(Backing Music: Recoil Liquid)
Global Collective: October 20, 2000.

Cyber Guru joins us once again as we experience many a botch-up on the Global Collective this fine Friday evening.

Rolf has a disasterous one when it comes to getting it right with the names - and we all know that calls for confessions.

Big Bob also forgets the prize to last weeks' quiz - he also forgets the answer...well next week then, eh?
And let's not forget to wish Freya a very happy birthday for tomorrow, the 21st.

The Soundz:
The Internationale - Best of Communism
Tricky: Black Steel - Maxinquaye
Presidents of the United States of America: Back Porch - Pure Frosting
Headrillaz: Trepanning - Coldharbour Rocks
Portishead: Elysium (Parlour Talk Remix)
Radiohead: No Surprises - OK Computer
Stone Temple Pilots: Sex-type Thing - The Trip
Global Collective: October 27, 2000.

Impromptu Beatbox, photo exhibitions a la Izzi, Herb's first signs of territorial pissing and a very tardy Freya...

the usual suspects: Rolf, Big Bob, Cooper, Lady B, and Gibby...

UFO: The Planet Plan - 3rd Perspective
Tom Waits: Telephone Call from Istanbul - Frank's Wild Years
Shri: Drum the Bass - Drum the Bass
De-Phazz: Between 2 Thieves - Detunized Gravity
Headrillaz: Space Fuck - Coldharbour Rocks
L7: Packing a Rod - Smell the Magic
(Backing Music: The Detroit Escalator Co. Soundtrack [313])
Global Collective: November 3, 2000.

Toing and Froing from a tipsy Big Bob and Rolf to the more sober topic of Roma rights. This week our special guest gives an insight into human rights and the Romany people.
Such spine-tingling questions as:

What does it mean to be Romany?
What are attitudes and prejudices across Europe?
What does the future hold in store and what solutions are there for their plight?

Izzi's absence is noted but silenced due to technical difficulties as he lives it up in Kecskemet at the opening of an exhibition dedicated to photography of Hungary through the eyes of foreigners.
No dogs - too naughty...

Tchikovsky: Montagues & Capulets - Romeo & Juliet
Besh O Drom
Boards of Canada: Happy Cycling - Waves on Shadows
Vera Bila & Kale Loli: Ruze Kale - Kalore
Human Beings: For the Time Being
Global Collective: November 10, 2000.

Are Herb and Cooper mere victims of Gibby's reign of terror?
Or are they pawns in a bigger triangle of perversion?
Tune in tonight as Cyber Guru gives us the low-down on Animal Imprisonment.

Is it for their own good?
Or do we still cling to that archaic theory that without people animal's lives would be one of misery and short-lived?

Also, Big Bob finally gets his act together enough to present his trivia competition:

What number was Ross Myer's startress Chesty Morgan affectionately known by? Agent.....?

Hint: It isn't Agent 69 or 89
Rolf is also back with his fantastically good humour and amazing wit. Where would we be without him? Freya is otherwise occupied but pays us a short visit when it comes to tonight's bone-crunching main theme of hampster consumption... amongst other things. Big Bob's cats - watch out!

E-Z Rollers: Cop Theme - Moving Shadow Comp.
Flytronix: A Rosary for Rhythm - Moving Shadow
Therapy?: Animal Bones - BabyTeeth
Daug-k feat. Axxe: The Pain Remaining - Real Ibiza 2.
Weezer: (track 6)
Armand Van Helden: Full Moon feat. Common - Killing Puritans
Rage Against the Machine: Tire Me - Evil Empire
Rae & Christian: Spellbound - Real Ibiza 2.
Global Collective: November 17, 2000.

Back with the Friday night chaos.
Herb's in the doghouse after decimating Gibby's best work (or anything) shirt. Bad dog no biscuits! Lady B reminisces, Rolf rolls, Freya supposedly fucks her leg, Big Bob is technically almost perfect and Cooper falls asleep...

Crop circles, Canadian name-changing, studio disorder and general mayhem and gibber form the pizza base for tonight's show.

Tricky: Angels with Dirty Faces - Angels with Dirty Faces
Propellerheads History Repeating decksdrumsandrockandroll
Nerfherders: Don't Blame me!
DJ Krust: Excuses - Coded Language
Control Csoport: Lili Commando - 1983
Zion Train: Stand up and Fight - Grow Together
Ohm Square: Wounds on a Cherry Tree - Scion
(backing music: Control Csoport 1983 cd1)
Global Collective: November 24, 2000.

We are visited by Rolf's long lost friends returning to the UK from China and India.
Listen as they spin a yarn that will not only make the hair on your chest curl...

Manu Chao: Malegria - Clandestino
Canned Heat: Amphetamine Annie - On the Road Again
Grateful Dead: Casey Jones - Best of G.D.
The Clash: Rudie Can't Fail - London Calling
The Aloof: Wish you Were Here - Sinking
Reef: Come Back Brighter - Glow
State of Bengal: Elephant Ride - Rebirth of Cool 7
(Backing Music: DJ Shadow: Endtroducing)
Global Collective: December 1, 2000.

Join the Global |Collective tonight as we make our run up to Christmas.
We have got all the usual crew with a little surprise added...

Soundz: Cujo: Cat People - Adventures in Foam
Tanya Donnelly: Bright Light
The Black Crowes: No Speak, No Slave - Stare It Cold
Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
The A Team Theme Tune - The Greatest Cop Themes in the World
Supergrass: Mary - Supergrass
Ibrahim Ferrer: Qu Bueno Balla Usted - Buena Vista Social Club Presents...
Coldplay: Yellow - Parachutes
(Backing Music: The Greatest Cop Themes in the World)
Global Collective: December 8, 2000.

Cyber Guru shares the wonders of pro-creation with us tonight on the Global Collective.
How you do it, why you do it, is it worth doing as well as the secrets of the delivery room are revealed to us in this weeks' hour of idiocy.

Izzi takes a short break as he flies back to Canada on a mission but the rest of the crew are present and accounted for: Big Bob (nearly firing on all four on the decks), Freya (otherwise occupied), Rolf (it's just impossible to get rid of him) and Gibby (making his penultimate appearance). So check us out...

Buena Vista Social Club
CJ Bolland: It Ain't Gonna Be Me
Bentley Rhythm Ace: A Lot of Stick (but not much carrot) - For Your Ears Only
Summer Song Blue
Everything but the Girl: Blame (J Majik remix)
Therapy?: Die Laughing - Troublegum
Global Collective: December 15, 2000.

Rolf brings the hardcore element back into the studio...God save us.
We also introduce a New Zealand flavour as we are blessed with the presence of LL Lady Butt and Special K all the way from NZ.

The Orb: Perpetual Dawn - The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
La Familia: Cantando la Rumba - Cuando Salga el Sol
Felice Taylor: I Can Feel Your Love - On the Floor at the Boutique
Butthole Surfers: Who was in my room last night? - The Trip
Mondra Gora: Wicked Warp
Beck: Devil's Haircut - Odelay
Global Collective: December 29, 2000.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from the Global Collective.

A rather revitalized Global Collective hits the airwaves once again after a week of absence in the form of returning guests Cyber Guru and the lovely Angel and the more regularly appearing Freya and Big Bob.

We look at what Xmas has become and what it will continue to develop into. We find out what the Global's members' ideal Xmas consists of and how far the truth really deviated from that.

We also talk about New Year - is this the real turning of the millennium or is Cyber Guru talking a pile of shit again?

Wanted: new guru for prominent internet radio show.
Must be: better than the present one.
Apply: in person next Friday at the Global Collective.

Thomas Krome: Electro Bitch - Electric Kingdom
Portishead: Roads - Dummy
Simply Red: Fairground - Life
Wonder Shepherd: Searchin' My Soul
Papa: Jellyfish - Leaping Fish
The Cruel Sea: Better Get a Lawyer - Three-Legged Dog
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Give It Away - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
(backing music: DJ Palotai: Abrak a dubra)
Global Collective: January 05, 2001.

Freya and Angel saves they day once again at the eleventh hour...
We discuss the absurdities of New Year, why we do in fact need global syntax and of course the loss of the much loved King Jim.

Fat Boy Slim: Drop the Hate (the f**cked copy version) - Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars
Lauryn Hill: To Zion - The Miseducation of...
Successful Criminals: Music Madness
E-Z Rollers: Tough at the Top (Vocal Version)
Funky Porcini: Poseathon - Beats By Dope Demand, Too
Senser: States of Mind - Stacked Up
Global Collective: January 12, 2001.

The Global Collective are back in their 2001 entirety with the return of Izzi from the deep dark coldness of Canada and Rolf from the lovely warmness of Malaga.

What exactly does a Canadian New Year involve?
Do you need to slip on a singlet?
Is it all sangria and bull fights in Spain or does Santa have a shit's show in hell?

Tune in to find out the answers to this and much, much more...

Dirty Beatniks: Disco Dancing Machines - Feedback
Rafael Canchola Hernández: Cumbanchero - Rubén González
DJ Vadim: Theme from Conquest of the Irrational USSR - Construction (Mixed by the Prunes)
Sol Brothers: That Elvis Track
Sisters of Mercy: This Corrosion - The Neon Dream
P.J.Harvey: Meet Ze Monsta - To Bring You My Love
Global Collective: January 19, 2001.

Freya gets her big opportunity with the start of a new regular feature looking at news and current affairs from in and around Hungary.

Tonight animal rights, the King's burial and the Queen's English are on the agenda.
Rolf and Izzi are also with you while Big Bob does his best to make the Global Collective the most pleasant listening experience this side of Tehran.

Violent Femmes: Country Death Song - Add it Up!(1981-1993)
P-Love - Ninja Tune sampler
The Truth: Truth Theme - King Size Dub Chpt 4
Hibernians: Gaoth Barra Na D'Tonn - The World of Irish Folk
Lamb: Lullaby - Fear Of Fours

Global Collective: January 26, 2001.

The crew are back this week - thankfully without the notorious flu epidemic which is hitting the countryside with a vengeance.

Tonight Freya delves into and discovers the injustices claimed against law-abiding law enforcers in Hungary - how true are the accusations made against them by Dutch newspapers and Amnesty International? Anne Burly hangs the dirty laundry out to dry for the last time.

Faith No More: Digging the Grave - King for a Day-Fool for a Lifetime
Izi Roma: Final Track - Orgy Pop
Massive Attack: Sly - Protection
Dzihan & Kamien: Smile - Freaks & Icons
L7: Just Like Me - Smell the Magic
Amon Tobin: Get Your Snack On - Supermodified
(backing music: Stereo MC's DJ Kicks)

Global Collective: February 2, 2001.

Kitty joins us this week to talk about what it means to come from Montreal.

We also have our now regular news spot presented by the lovely Freya as we lead up to tonight's Labyrinth party - be there or be round...

Moby: Porcelain - Play
Rage Against the Machine: Tire Me - Evil Empire
Juno Reactor: Swamp Thing - Bible of Dreams
J.J.Johansson: Tell All the Girls that I'm Back in Town - Whisky
The Herbaliser: The Sensual Woman - Mercenary
Lamb: Bonfire - Fear Of Fours
(backing music: Blue Mexican Church)

Global Collective: February 9, 2001.

The Basque Country is our topic for tonight's show and we have two very special quests in the form of Two Dogs and Hammond Evora.

We get the lowdown on exactly what it means to be 'the one who has the Basque'.
We also share personal experiences at the hands of Basque hospitality and learn which festivals you should be aiming for.
Are there any grounds for their fight for independence?
What does being a member of ETA entail?

Some helpful tips for a potential holiday destination or stopover - where to sleep, general costs, food and drink acquisition...

Stereo MC's: Beans & Rice (Sofa Surfers) - DJ Kicks
FatBoy Slim: Weapon of Choice - Between the Gutter & the Stars
Celtas Cortos: Gente Distinta - Tienes La Puerta Abcerta
Xabaltu: Ostatu Sikiatrikoa - Zalantzak
Kid Koala: Scratchin' - Demo

Global Collective: February 16, 2001.

The whole crew are back this week as we celebrate Valentine's Day Global Collective style...

Freya gives us our now usual dose of global news and we have the usual mix of global sounds...

If you're not listening to us on a Friday night then you'd better have a good excuse...

Shirley Bassey: Where do I begin?(Away Team Mix) - Diamonds Are Forever
DJ Shadow: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt - Entroducing
Misfits: Last Caress - Static Age
Roni Size Reprazent: Lucky Pressure - In the Mode
Motley Crue: Kick Start my Heart - Dr. Feelgood
Kruder & Dorfmeister: High Noon - G-Stone Book

Global Collective: February 23, 2001.

Freya brings an element of Irish into the studio in the form of Flook. We discuss the legitimacy of Irish dance. A fired discussion follows seeing Freya the moral victor.

Join the Global Collective to find out what all the fuss is about.

Therapy?: Black Eye Purple Sky - Semi-Detached
Flook: Calico Set - The 4 of Us
Izzy Roma: A Rain of Ourselves - Orgy Pop
Flook: Waltzes - The 4 of Us
Pedro mystery...
Radiohead: Blow Out - Pablo Honey

Global Collective: March 2, 2001.

Should women, amongst the chaos of modern society including which make-up to buy and not having enough time to do their hair, still be allowed to vote? This, the Black Angel and workplace equality are three topics we don't discuss in tonight's Global Collective.

However, we do look at the persistent problem of train crashes in England as well as how many karma points you lose for not respecting your elders.

All this and more on a fun-filled hour of Global Collective.

Photek: Terminus - Solaris
Blur: Song 2 - Blur
Headrillaz: Shoeshine (Bronx Dogs Mix)
Ministry: Jesus Built my Hotrod - Psalm 69
Thievery Corp.: 2001 Spliff Odyssey - Sounds from the Thievery hi-fi
Mystery jungle
Ministry: TV II - Psalm 69

Global Collective: March 9, 2001.

In tonight's Global Collective the whole gang are back.

After a short break Izzi's back and firing on all cylinders while Rolf and Freya keep us up to date on what is going on in and around Budapest. Big Bob keeps mistakes to a minimum...the show continues.

Shirley Bassey: Goldfinger - The Remixes Album
Nudge: Skewer (You're so Human) - Electro Kingdom
Dog Eat Dog: No Tricks
Sator: Heyday - Headquake
Ziontrain: Babylon's Burning - Grow Together
Prodigy: Poison - Music for the Jilted Generation
(background music: Archive Londinium)

Global Collective: March 16, 2001.

We are joined by a special guest this week, who will be known to most of our loyal listeners out there. Gibby is back from an extended period away to head things up on tonight's Global Collective.

What has he been doing?
Has the technical challenge proved too much?
Does Adobe Premier really pack the punch that is guaranteed on the box?

Stay tuned to hear this and a whole lot more...

For those interested the picture on the left is what Gibby & Freya saw at the zoo.

Shirley Bassey: Big Spender (Wild Oscar Mix) - The Remixes Album
The Wildhearts: Girlfriend Clothes - Caffeine Bomb
Nitin Sawhney: Homelands - Beyond Skin
Stone Temple Pilots: Trippin' on a hole in a paper heart - Tiny Music...
Nitin Sawhney: The Conference - Beyond Skin
Live: Throwing Copper
Pearl Jam: Given to Fly
(Background music: Em:t 2000 disc 2)

Global Collective: March 23, 2001.

It was destined to happen. Three sex-hungry, young stallions ready for action.

Tonight's guest: a woman who can give them the lowdown on a subject very close to their hearts, or crotches should I say...

We are joined by Mendossa from Australia who is working nowhere else but in the porn industry itself. Tit a plenty as we find out exactly how wet groins get. Also what lengths people go to to fulfill their dreams of becoming a porn star.

If your not listening to the Global Collective, you'd better have a good excuse.

Coldcut: More Beats & Pieces(John McEntire Mix) - Xen Cuts cd3
Amon Tobin: Saboteur(Roots Manuva Version) - Xen Cuts cd1
DJ Vadim feat. Sarah Jones: Your Revolution(Version) - Xen Cuts cd1
Besh o Drom: 9S - Macsó Hímzés
Breeders: Cannonball - Sonic Ecstasy
(backing music: Ninja Tune Xen Cuts cd2)

Global Collective: March 30, 2001.

The Global Collective is finally celebrating its 1-year birthday.

We have an especially large crew assembled to reminisce on the past year of madness. We are rejoined by old favourites including Cyber Guru and Mac Daddy, graced by the presence of a never before seen guest in the form of T, while the usual riffraff has also managed to turn up: Big Bob, Freya, Izzi and Rolf.

Highs, lows and broken glasses are all mentioned in tonight's hour of celebrating and general debauchery.

Keep it locked on to the Global Collective for more.

War: Night People - The Music Band Pt.1
Big Youth: Chucky No Luckee
MC 900Ft Jesus: Born with Monkey Asses - ...with DJ Zero
Aromabar: Winter Pageant - Café Del Mar 7
DJ Qbert: Cosmic Assassins
Blind Melon: Walk - Soup
Lexxus: Stress
(Backing Music: Prelude a l'amour)

Global Collective: April 6, 2001.

In a show with a difference, Freya has brought along a couple of her disc-slinging buddies. Bob and Rolf's late arrival doesn't seem to throw Izzi's approach either...

Join the us and see how being one year old has changed the Global Collective.

Herbaliser: The Sensual Woman - Very Mercenary
Andrea Parker: Melodious Thunk
Two Lone Swordsman: Brootle
Faith No More: The Real Thing - The Real Thing
The Rolling Stones: Missing You - Some Girls
Bomb the Bass feat. Justin Warfield: Bug Powder Dust - Back to Mine
Speedy J: Pepper
Andrea Parker: Unconnected

  Global Collective: April 20, 2001.  

Cyber Guru is back with his obsession for aliens. Is little Marcel likely to be kidnapped while he's at work?

We are also joined by the rest of the crew including Big Bob, Freya, Izzi and Rolf.

Bush: Letting the Cables Sleep(N.O.W Remix) - Café del Mar 7
Smashmouth: Why Can't we be Friends? - Fush Yu Mang
Sammy Davis Jr.: Candyman
??: What kind of fool am I? - Greatest Songs
Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry - Kiffers Paradise vol.1
Radiohead: Exit Music (for a film) - OK Computer

  Global Collective: April 27, 2001.

An old friend rejoins us in the form of MacDaddy.

Kid Loco: A Grand Love Story
Stone Temple Pilots: Ungived
Kontrol Csoport: Eladom - 1983
Skunk Anansie: I Can Dream - Paranoid & Sunburnt
BomFunk MCs: Freestyler(Radio Edit)
Korn: Make Me Bad(live) - Pinkpop 2000
Travis: Why does it always rain on me? (live) - Pinkpop 2000

  Global Collective: May 11, 2001.

A nice night with the crew as we debate a few of the finer things in life.

Air: Sexy Boy - Moon Safari
Texas: Summer Son - The Greatest Hits
Texas: Inner Smile
The Jam: Town Called Malice - Beat Surrender
Blind Melon: Galaxie - Soup
Simon & Garfunkel: The Boxer - The Concert in Central Park

  Global Collective: May 18, 2001.  

On the eve of the Roni Size gig we have two very special guests from London tonight - Iriis and Moré. We discuss what's going on in London, or rather what's not, and we are treated to a special surprise as we get a little sneak preview of an up-coming release by London trance crew Electric Melon.

Get all the info and a little bit more right here at the Global Collective.

Roni Size: New Forms - New Forms
Depeche Mode: I am You - Exciter
Electric Melon: Metalipede - ESR
Digital Noise
(backing music: Plump DJs: A Plump Night Out)

  Global Collective: May 25, 2001.  

Irius and Moray are back giving us their impressions one week on and we are also joined by another of Rolf's friends from the past - Ferrony.

We reminisce on the Roni Size show - how long ago it seems, and look forward to this week's Katlan show. All the regulars are also here to make the studio one cosy place tonight.

Keep your mouse on the Global Collective.

Insomnia: Mayur Maya - Revenge of Dr.Budsz
Chemical Brothers: Music Response - Surrender
Electric Melon: Morpheo Osmosis - Green Eggs
Garbage: Supervixen - Garbage
Senser: Switch - Stacked Up
(Backing Music: Thievery Corp. Abductions & Reconstructions)

  Global Collective: June 1, 2001.

A very crowded studio tonight as we are joined by the same gentlemen who have graced our show the last two weeks - Irius, Moré and Ferrony. In addition we have two new members to the crew - Vízágy and Kaiser Sauzee.

We discuss last weekend's Katlan party as well as tomorrow night's Dzihan & Kamien gig in the citadella.

Stick your ear and your mouse on the Global Collective.

Red Snapper: Fatboy's Dust Prince Blimey
Radiohead: Knives Out - Amnesiac
Chemical Brothers: Brothers Gonna Work it Out
Zum: Csákó - Zum
Mayor Maya: Breathe - Revenge of Dr Budz
Mr Bungle: None of Them Knew They Were Robots - California
Dzihan & Kamien: Freaks & Icons

  Global Collective: June 8, 2001.  

A very informative Global Collective tonight as we review the Katlan party, World Music Day in Budapest as well as other things coming up.

Timecode: Technical Itch(Reborn) - Moving Shadow 99.8
Mano Negra: Mala Vida(Manuel Chao) - Patchanka
Faster Pussycat: Cathouse
Groove Armada: Playing Your Game Baby(Barry White) - Back to Mine
Dzihan & Kamien: Streets of Istanbul - Freaks and Icons
Pulp: Do You Remember the First Time? - His n' Hers

  Global Collective: June 15, 2001.  

Join us tonight as Freya, Big Bob, Izzi and Rolf talk about such trival matters as the meaning of life and other nonsense...

Zero 7: Polaris - Simple Things
David Byrne: Like Humans Do(album version) - Like Humans Do
Scannerfunk: I Am Calm - Wave of Light by Wave of Light
Laren d'Or: 4.12(April Ride) - War of Angels
Nitin Sawhney: Homelands - Café del Mar 6.

  Global Collective: June 22, 2001.  

Yet another member to the Global Collective. Flip from Australia pops in for a bit of a yarn and gives us the lowdown on crop-dusting in Moree, NSW.

Kaiser Sauzee is also back, but somewhat reserved.

Join us tonight as Freya, Big Bob, Izzi and Rolf talk about such trival matters as the meaning of life and other nonsense...

MC Conrad: Fluidity(Nu Moon) - Logical Progression
Lateef: the Truth Speaker - The Quickening Solesides
Nick Cave: The Curse of Millhaven - Murder Ballads
Therapy?: Teethgrinder - Nurse
Manu Chao: Mano Negra - Mano Negra
Björk: I've Seen it All - Selmasongs

  Global Collective: June 29, 2001.  

Marvellous George has revisited us after a long absence and fills us in on films, programs and a recent move in London. We are also graced by Lady B's presence as we hear what kind of unfortunate things have been going on.

Freya, Big Bob and Izzi are also here but a missing Rolf is definitely felt as he heads off to Balaton for a weekend of hockey (interpret it as you will...)

Join us on the Global Collective as we hear about this and much, much more...

Stephane Pompougnac: Jazz Music(De-phazz) - Costes 1 la suite
PJ Harvey: The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore - Stories from The City, Stories from The Sea
Abstract Truth: Get Another Plan - Rebirth of Cool 7
Stephane Pompougnac: To Ulrike M(Doris Days) - Costes
Danny Tenaglia: To the Sea(Yello) - Back to Mine

  Global Collective: September 16, 2001.

This week's features include a look at alternatives to mainstream media news coverage.
What is available?
How reliable are these information sources?

We'll be looking at some of the attitudes and perspectives to be found in alternative media sources, including religious viewpoints and conspiracy theory.

Featuring music from:

The Shadows
Bobby McFerrin
Bran Van 3000
Hot Butter
Holger Czukay
Sippie Wallis...

  Global Collective: September 24, 2001.  

This week, Global Collective welcomes Jack Hoffmann to the ParaRadio studios. Jack is always a pleasure to have on the show, sharing lots of interesting information on topics ranging from the fact that a congregation of turkeys is a rafter, to the fact that the work 'Okay' came into usage during the colonization of the Congo river basin, to the velocity at which the average fart leaves the human body.
Uh, okay...

Featuring muisic from:

Garson Hillard
Pressure Drop
Beastie Boys
Ennio Morricone
Gay Dad

  Global Collective: October 1, 2001.

Check out this weeks eclectic selection of tunes from the vault as we chat with Dr. Rod McFarber; four-leaf clover specialist and grower. Not to mention the usual Budapest banter from your favourite hosts Rolf and Izzy.

Song list:

In The Pines- The Cumberland Clovers
Terrorvision- Discotech Wreck
Stereophonics- Is Yesterday Tomorrow Today?
Bambi Molesters
Holgar Czukay
Motley Crue and more

  Global Collective: October 8, 2001.  

This week on Global Collective meet the man behind the pigment. We will discuss the names of paints with the man who names them. Where do they come up with this stuff? You are about to find out. Not just what they are called, by why. And what is to come in the future. Colour your world... with your hosts Izzy and Rolf every friday at 8pm on Pararadio.hu

Coming up on next week's show, not all that glitters is gold. But this glitter miner has struck gold. Meet the prospector who has found the biggest glitter deposit in years, and its right here in Hungary. What is behind the glitter boom? Is the future bright and shiny or is it a flash in the pan? Find out this week on Global Collective with your marvelous hosts Izzy and Rolf like every Friday at 8pm.

You can write us with your questions or comments at:

  Global Collective: October 15, 2001.  

What is the true difference between synthetic glitter and genuine glitterites? Ask Wellington Hardivard, geologist and petrogeneticist on the trail of the great Hungarian glitter deposit in the Sopron Hills. It's glitteriffic, it's IDIOBLASTIC!!!! It rocks!

Coming up next week it's a special Canadian show. Bunch of hosers named Dave who are going to chew the rag about being a Cannuck. Look out for the Great White North Trivia contest first prize a couple o' brewskies. We're gunna totally giver, eh!
Get on that there friggin, innernet thingie, ya nobb!

Right here on the Global Collective. Every Friday night 8pm.

Your hosts, Izzy and Rolf bring you an eclectic mix of music, lively discussion, all the latest from Hungary as well as special guests - live from ParaRadio's Budapest studios. Check us out online in real-time!

You can write us with your questions or comments at:

  Global Collective: October 29, 2001.

Tune in this week for an exclusive interview with Tibi, a Hungarian journalist who has just returned from an overland trek into refugee camps in war torn Afganistan.

Don't miss this and Izzy and Rolf playing up some wacky tunes and banter on The Global Collective every Friday at 8pm.

The Global Collective; your guys in Budapest

You can write us with your questions or comments at:

  Global Collective: November 12, 2001.

This week Izzy and Rolf kick back and stick to the decks. Whipping up some groovy tunes for the masses...

Ella Fitzgerald- Wacky Dust
Live- Stage
Holgar Czukay- Good Morning Story
Hutch-Throwing Voices
Steel Pulse- Macka Splaf
Lajko Felix- Untitled
Angie Stone-Brotha
Thievery Corporation- The Mirror Conspiracy
Rinocerose- Professor Suicide
Ooberman- Magic Treehouse

You can write us with your questions or comments at:

  Global Collective: December 12, 2001.

Izzy and Rolf present yet another show down. Rolf is trying to play nothing but 80s heavy metal and Tool. Izzy on the other hand is breaking up the head bang with classic drivel from the vault. Making our listeners, whoever they may be, wrinkle their foreheads and raise one eyebrow while rolling their eyes. Yet they are strangely intruiged.

First time listeners the world round! This is the English Language show!
Listen up and continue to tune in every week as dozens of listeners do from time to time!
Right here on ParaRadio
Fridays 8pm to 9pm CET

You can write us with your questions or comments at:

  Global Collective: December 17, 2001.  

This week on the Global Collective, listen as Rolf and Izzy speak the most profound words ever spoken by Humans. Accompanied, of course by tunes without restraint, a mismatch of our most cherished music:

Extince- Culture Shock- Vitamine E
Bob Marley- Reaction
Extince- Madam Jeanette- Vitamine E
Radiohead- You
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Gimme Three Steps
Muse- Muscle Museum
SuperGrass- Caught By the Fuzz
Blink 182- Adams Song
D.A.D.- Bad Craziness
Tharapy?- Track 7?
Manic Street Preachers- Motorcycle Emptiness

MMMMmmmm! Tasty! And Fulfilling! Tune in next week for more where that came from right here on the Global Collective.........

You can write us with your questions or comments at:


The show was running for a couple of months more, but the log was fairly neglected...



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