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I was very actively involved in scouting for seven years and it played an important part of my life at that stage. Whereas I also participated in regular scouting activities, such as scout group activities and later as a group leader, I also worked for the Hungarian Scout Association as an international assistant and correspondent for England and Wales.

Scouting History


Join the British Scout Association - 8th N.W. Leeds St. Georges Scout Group lead by Gunner and Ann McKenna
Artist (18/06/86) and Athlete (08/08/86) badge


Pennine Mountains trek
Lake District Scout Camp


Join the Hungarian Scout Association - 205. Zrínyi Miklós Scout Group [» visit online ]
Patrol Leader


Patrol Leader Scout Camp 1. & 2. at Ceglédbercel
Scout Group Camp at Tar, Hungary


Scout Group Camp at Ladánybene, Hungary (07/91)
"Haarlem Jamborette" - International Jamboree near Haarlem, Holland (21/07-01/08/91)
"Danske Spejdercorps Jamboree" on Spa Fynn, Denmark (03-12/09/91)


I work for the Hungarian Scout Association as international assistant and correspondent for England and Wales
"Youth Organization Management" training course in Northampton, England (03-11/04/92)
Study visit to the Welsh Scout Council at Overton-on-Dee, Wales (12-21/04/92) with secretary Alan P.Jones
"Youth Organization Management 2."training course in Budapest, Hungary (20-30/06/92)
Hiking Camp in the Börzsöny Mountains with my own Scout Pack (10-20/07/98)
"Magyar-Cymru" - Joint Welsh-Hungarian Camp in Scout Park near Budapest, Hungary (28/07/92-10/08/92)
'Adult Training and Management' training course by the Welsh Scout Council near Wrexham, Wales (07-14/11/92) with secretary Alan P.Jones
Woodbadge Award as Scout Commissioner & Administrator in Cardiff
Participate in the preparation and conduct of a "Scout Commissioner training course 1." in Budapest, Hungary (10-17/05/93)
"Magyar Jamborette" - Joint Danish-Hungarian Jamboree near Lilafüred, Hungary (10-20/07/93)
"Jamboree Cymru" - Welsh Jamboree in Glanusk Park, Wales (24/07-10/08/92) with secretary Alan P.Jones
Study visit to the British Scout Association in London (Gillwell Park) and visiting the " Scout Commissioner training course 2." for Hungarians in Northampton, England  (12-16/08/93) with national commissioner Stuart A. Little


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Scout Membership
Wood Badge Scout Commissioner
Wood Badge Scout Commissioner

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