"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."    

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"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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Essential personal information 

I am widely traveled, with lots of cross-cultural experience. I am hard-working, friendly and open minded, with a dynamic personality, who loves working in a sociable environment. As a person with lots of teaching experience I am very good with people and make a great counselor and team coordinator. 

I am well experienced in the fields of I.) philosophy, anthropology and social politics II.) literature, linguistics and language teaching III.) Information and communication technologies, computers, web and graphic design.

I am an outsider with the capability of being the insider of the actual.

What a man has to go through in this modern age is highly ridiculous. 21st century modern life has become so much intense and hectic that one persons life seems more like a hundred different lives. My life is in constant flux - so many things are happening to me, that I tend to reincarnate every other day. Thus my biography is no more than a recollection of the events of my past selves.

A Brief Personal History

Biographical data

2008 Starting my new life with Orsi .
IT project management at Sanoma Internet Division.
2007 Divorce. My two sons living seperate. A difficult time for all of us. Big changes in my private life...
IT project management at Sanoma Internet Division. Project manager for » Startlapjatekok and » Videoplayer
2006 IT project management at Sanoma Internet Division. Project manager for » Startlap and » Hirstart
2005 IT project management at Sanoma Internet Division. Site development project manager for » Startlap - the most visited website in Hungary at the time.
2004 IT project management at Studio21 - Practically a slave to work.
2003 3D graphics education consultant management at Studio21 - Educational Division
Information Technology consultant management at the Infinity Ltd.
2002 My second super son Dominik is born
E-learning management at the Sabedu Ltd. - Educational Division
Consultant sales management at the InterPC-Holding Ltd. - IT Educational Division
2001 PhD course in Philosophy at the Central European University (CEU)
Head of Department of Development Policy Task Force at the State Secretariat of International Cooperation and Strategic Planning, in the Hungarian Ministry of Education
SPP Non-Twinning Study Tour in Portugal on the ESF and NDP 
2000 My super son Marcell is born
Web and Graphic Design at Multisoundd 2000 Ltd. 
Occasional work for the Hungarian National Television as a reporter
1999 The start of the CyberGuru Project
One month study visit to the USA - San Francisco, Berkeley  
Appointed associate professor of philosophy at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College
1998 Marriage to my ex-wife Emese Héjjas   Establishment of my own language teaching enterprise The Language Teaching Educational and Tertiary Corporation
Three months in Tibet and Nepal on an Anthropological Expedition  
 Professional computer skills training course at the FutureSync Studios
1997-98 I teach the "Cultural Anthropology of Asia" at Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Human Arts, Department of Cultural Anthropology
1995-99 Cultural Anthropology studies at ELTE BTK  – awarded MA (1999)
I teach English as a foreign language at the Danubius Language School
Long travels: France, Spain, Tunisia
1995 Three months study visit to North-India
I start teaching philosophy at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College
1993-97 English Literature and Linguistics studies at ELTE BTK  DELL – MA (2000) Oriental Philosophy studies at the TKBF – MA in Oriental Studies (1997)  
1993 High School Graduate with certificate in librarianship - Táncsics Mihály High School (1990-93)
High School Award for outstanding community work (1993)
1990-93 International Assistant (England & Wales) at the Hungarian Scout Association
Frequent visits to the United Kingdom & management training in London, Northampton and Cardiff
Adult Training Award as Scout Commissioner & Administrator (1992)  
Travels in Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, Ukraine and Czechoslovakia 
1991 Advanced English State Language Examination Certificate
1989-93 I go to the horrible XII. Táncsics Mihály High School
Bryan Tracy - "The Phoenix Seminar" personal management course (1990)
1985-89 B.A.G.A. Award for Gymnastics (1986)
Super Skills Blue Award for Football (1987)
Pioneer Award for community work (1988)
Travels in Greece, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Transylvania
1986 my third brother, Ferenc Tarr junior is born
Join the British Scout Association - 8th N.W. Leeds St. Georges Scout Group
1985-86 I live and go to school in England, in Leeds - St. Dominics Middle School  
Travels in England and Scotland
1981-89 I go to school to the XI. Érdi Elementary School (1981-84) and the II. Attila Elementary School (1985 & 1987-89)
1980 my second brother, Márton Tarr is born
1974 born with my twin brother Bence Tarr

Naturally most important events remain concealed and unrecorded...

For more information contact:

TARR Dániel
1027 Budapest, Szász Károly u. 4. HUNGARY
e-mail: tarrdaniel@hotmail.com


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