"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."    

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"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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Photo Gallery

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I have studied photography in connection with my » cultural anthropology studies. I took a special course in photography conducted by the famous Hungarian photographer Tamás Féner. I have also took courses in film and documentary conducted by the documentary specialist Balikó György.

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Self Portrait 1999

This page is pretty neglected. I have been trying to get this page together for several years now without much success - my photography still lies about in my computer filling up my hard drives... I am sure one day technology will allow a more simple way to access my photo collections, until then I will do my best to update this collection now and then.


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Photos by various other people

Dalai Lama Gallery

Dalai Lama

Ladakh Gallery


Kathmandu Gallery


Sadhu Gallery


Planet Earth Gallery

Planet Earth

Hydrozoa Gallery


Simulacra Gallery


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I hope someday I will have time to compile a collection...

Boudnath 1998

Gran Canaria 1998

Maspalomas 1998



Monastir 2006

Sadhu - Nepal 1998

Bodhgaya 1995

Gran Canaria 1998


Ladakhi woman 1998

Golden Temple, Varanasi 1995

Puerto De Mogan 1998

Gafsa 1996


Prague 2006

Katmandhu 1998

Guanche Village 1998

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Family Galleries:

Personal collections

Family Photo Gallery

Family Gallery

Marcell Photo Gallery


Domink Photo Gallery



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My cultural anthropology » field-work research involved documentation (film and photo) of a number of Hindu and Buddhist topics such as:

Ladakh & Zanskar & Lahaul and Spiti [Western-Tibet (1998.) ]  

Kathmandu-valley [Nepal (1998.) ]

Other documentaries include:

 The Day of Sorrow - Plot 301. [Budapest, Hungary (1996.)]

Equinox  [Lake Balaton, Hungary (1998.)] - national broadcast by the Hungarian National Television (Csak Ma (MTV1 20/03/2000 & MTV2 09/04/2000)


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