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"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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Timewarp: 2005

Currently I am working in the Internet Development sector for the following company:

Sanoma Inc. - New Media Division - Startlap

Job description

Company Profile



Job description

Currently I am working for the New Media Division of Sanoma Budapest as the development project manager for Startlap, the most visited website in Hungary (with more than 6000 pages and 950.000 unique visitors a day). My main duty is the communication and coordination of the internet development projects concerning Startlap.

Other duties include:

Formalizing development needs – harmonizing resources
Implementation monitoring
System Administration
Internal Communication (Sanoma)
External Communication and Representation
Legal procedures
Coordination of external team
Editorial problem solving


Startlap is a webgroup consiting of 12 major sites including:

Startlap partner sites include:


For further information visit the » Sanoma Online Website (online) or visit the » Startlap site (online).

Sanoma Budapest Ltd. - New Media Division - Startlap

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Company Profile

Sanoma Budapest Ltd. - New Media Division - Startlap

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Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Zrt. is a leading media company in Hungary. The publishing house has a 30% share in the Hungarian magazine market. It employs over 400 people producing an annual revenue of HUF 15 billion. Sanoma Budapest publishes 26 titles, operates 22 internet products and its conference organizing unit arranges 45 seminars and business conferences every year. As of 2002 the company also deals with event organization, book publishing, merchandising and customer publishing.

As a leading media company, Sanoma Budapest puts emphases on its Internet ventures too. An important step in this respect was the acquisition of the Internet portal, Startlap in the summer of 2000. Since then, the company has been constantly launching new portals like Figyelőnet, Nők Lapja C@fé, National Geographic.hu, Vezess.hu, etc. and developing its present web sites like Cosmopolitan.hu, Beaumonde.hu, Kismama.hu, Szrtv.hu, Story.hu, etc. which makes it a more and more significant player on the local Internet market.

The main profile however is still printed media:

Sanoma Budapest is active in the market of consumer and business titles. Due to its diverse portfolio consisting of 26 titles it is one of the largest media companies in Hungary. Around 10 million copies of the Sanoma Budapest titles are being sold every month reaching 5,5 million readers without cross readership. Regarding the number of sold copies, five out of the first six womens' weeklies are published by Sanoma Budapest: Story, Színes RTV, Nők Lapja, Best and Meglepetés.

In the magazine market Sanoma Budapest has a market share of 30% regarding brutto readers market revenues, and 22% regarding brutto admarket revenues.

Consumer magazines

21 different consumer magazines are published by Sanoma Budapest Rt. The range of magazines includes:

Business magazines: Figyelő, Figyelő Trend, Figyelő TOP200, Üzlet & Siker + a media trade magazine: Médiafigyelő
Gastronomy magazines: Fakanál, Fakanál Recepttár
Home decoration magazines: Otthon, Atrium
Men's magazines: FHM
Popular science magazines: National Geographic
Program magazines: Színes RTV, RTV Műsormagazin
Puzzle magazines: Füles, Poénvadászat
Womens' magazines (monthly and periodical): Kismama, Családi Lap, Cosmopolitan, Beau Monde, Nők Lapja Évszakok, Wellness, Praktika
Womens' weeklies: Nők Lapja, Meglepetés, Story, Best

For further information visit the » Sanoma Budapest Website (online).



My presentation about Startlap (PPT 2.7 Mb) [« view it ] (MHT 4.5 Mb) [« view it ]

Successful projects (online):

Duplán Megéri Startlapozni (Promotional Microsite, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap Kincsvadászat (Promotional Microsite, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap Bubbaőrület (Promotional Microsite, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap kabalajáték (Promotional Microsite, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlaplabirintus (Promotional Microsite, 2005) [« go there ]

Startlap Sziget (Promotional Microsite, 2005) [« go there ]


Klón.hu (Website, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap-Dicfor Szótár (Online Dictionary, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap Toolbar (Toolbar, 2006) [« go there ]

Startlap Bubbaőrület

Startlap Kincsvadászat

Startlap Duplán Megéri

Startlap Kabalajatek

Startlap Labirintus

Startlap Sziget


Startlap-Dicfor Szótár

Startlap Toolbar


Attila 2006

Attila, Balint, Dani 2005

Szeles Sav Napja 2005

Dani 2005

Dani 2006

Startlap Team 2006

Zotya 2006

Gyuri 2006

Andrea and Andris 2006

Pubbin 2006

Balint and Andras 2005

Evi and Viktor 2004

Istvan, Zsuzsi, Balint, Peti 2005

Photos of the anual Startlap meetings:

»2007-01-27 Westend Hilton [« soon ]
»2006-06-10 Vidámpark [« go there ]
»2006-02-04 Római Part [« go there ]
»2005-06-11 Budaörs [« go there ]
»2004-06-05 Aquapark [« go there ]
»2003-12-06 Hungarocart [« go there ]
»2003-07-05 Csillebérc [« go there ]
»2003-02-01 Budapest [« go there ]
»2002-10-05 Hotel Tiliana [« go there ]
»2002-07-29 Kamaraerdő [« go there ]
»2002-03-25 Budapest [« go there ]
»2001-12-01 Bowling [« go there ]
»2001-08-25 Csillebérc [« go there ]
»2001-05-21 Internet Café [« go there ]



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