"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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"Verum est, certum et verissimum, quod est, superius naturam habet inferioram et ascendens naturam descendentis."

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Buddhist Studies

I have studied Buddhism at the Gate of Dharma Buddhist College in Budapest besides Hindu, Chinese and western philosophy. I got so deeply involved, that after finishing my MA, I have decided to stay with the institution and become a Buddhist teacher myself. Since 1995 I have been teaching a number of different Buddhist subjects as well as doing research into early Buddhism. My major field of interest is Tantric Buddhism - especially the cross-cultural interference of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and religious practice.

] Check out The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College Website



I have been on two expeditions to the Himalayas both carrying interests for Buddhist research and cultural anthropology.

A part of my first journey took me to Western Tibet, to the Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh in 1995.

A part of my second journey took me to Western Tibet again, to the Buddhist kingdoms of Lahaul and Spiti and Zanskar in 1998.

Politically these areas all belong to India, therefore survived the devastating effects of the Chinese intervention in Tibet and since represent an ideal research area of relatively untouched Buddhist culture.

I have also studied some of the monasteries and settlements of Tibetan refugees in Himachal Pradesh (India) and the Kathmandu-valley (Nepal).

I have visited a high number of Tibetan settlements studying Tibetan Buddhist culture. ]Interested? Check it out...
I have visited more than a 130 Hindu temples in Northern-India and the Kathmandu-valley in Nepal. ]Interested? Check it out...
My research involved documentation (film and photo) of a number of Hindu and Buddhist topicsInterested? Check it out...

I have been to more than 50 Buddhist monasteries, studying and experiencing the monastic way of life. 

During my travels I visited the following monasteries:

Tsuglagkhang - Dharamsala (HP, India)

Sankar - Sankar (Ladakh)

Dip Tse-Chok Ling - Dharamsala (HP, India)

Tikse - Tiksey (Ladakh)

Gadhan Thekchoking - Manali (HP India)

(Basgo) - Basgo (Ladakh)

Khardong - Khardong (Lahaul & Spiti)

Rizong - Rizong (Ladakh)

Tayul - Stingri (Lahaul & Spiti)

Julichen - Rizong (Ladakh)

Shashur - Leh (Ladakh)

Shara - Shara (Ladakh)

Jokhang (Soma) - Leh (Ladakh)

Matho - Matho (Ladakh)

Lehchen Spalkhar - Leh (Ladakh)

(Stagna) - Stagna (Ladakh)

Lakhang - Leh (Ladakh)

Spitok - Spituk (Ladakh)

Namgyal Tsemo - Leh (Ladakh)

Shey - Shey (Ladakh)

Hemis - Hemis (Ladakh)

Zangla - Zangla (Zanskar)

(Phyang) - Phyang (Ladakh)

Changchup - Zangla (Zanskar)

(Lamayuru) - Lamayuru (Ladakh)

Swayambhunath - Swayambunath (Nepal)

(Serdung) - Mulbekh (Ladakh)

Rigzing Phadrang - Goraknath (Nepal)

(Rangdum) - Rangdum (Zanskar)

Guru Rinpoche - Goraknath (Nepal)

Stagrimo - Padum (Zanskar)

Dongak ChŲling - Goraknath (Nepal)

Sani - Sani (Zanskar)

Kopan - Kopan (Nepal)

Karsha - Karsha (Zanskar)

Sechen Tennyi Dargyeling - Bodnath (Nepal)

Bardan - Bardan (Zanskar)

Chinya-Lama - Bodnath (Nepal)

Thonde - Thonde (Zanskar)

Ka-Nying Sheldrup Ling - Bodnath (Nepal)



Mahabodhi temple & Bo Tree
Thai Bodhi Kham monastery
Tamang monastery
Indosan Nipponji Temple and Daijokyo monastery
Birla Dharamsala
Tibetan Sakya and Karma monasteries 
Burmese Vihara
Tibetan, Chineese, Nepali, Thai and Bhutanese monastey


Lectures and Seminars

Basic Buddhist Teachings

Autumn 1999 Spring 1997


Hinay„na Buddhism

Spring 2000 Spring 1999 Spring 1997 Autumn 1997

Mah„y„na Buddhism  

Spring 1999

Buddhist Ontology and Epistemology  

Autumn 1999 Autumn 1998 Spring 1997

Buddhist Culture

Spring 2000
Buddhist Schools and Sects
Spring 1999
Hindu Tantra
Autumn 1999 Autumn 1996  
Classic Yoga

Autumn 1997

The Anthropology of Asia
Autumn 1999 Spring 1997
Cultural Anthropology
Autumn 1998
History of Religion 2.
Spring 2000
Sacred Symbols
Spring 2000
Magical Systems

Autumn 1995

Hermetic Philosophy
Spring 1999    Autumn 1998     Spring 1995


Writings and Publications

The followers and practices of Hindu Tantra (MA) [Spring 1997] - [Museum of Ethnography]  
Hinay„na Buddhism [Autumn 1997] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1997]
Hindu Tantra [Autumn 1996] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1996]  
Chenrezig [Spring1996] - [MTA Etno-regional Research Centre, Workbook 10., 1996]  
The History of Mahay„na Schools [Autumn 1994] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1994]


The followers and practices of Hindu Tantra (MA Thesis) [Spring 1997]
Hinayăna Buddhism [Autumn 1997] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1997]
Hindu Tantra [Autumn 1996] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1996]
Vasubandhu - The Teaching of the Three Selves [Spring 1996] {Yogacăra Buddhism}
Selflessness and Emptiness [Spring 1995] {Mahayăna Buddhism}
The History of Mahayăna Schools [Autumn 1994] - [Schoolbook of the GDBC, 1994]
Lin-csi [Spring 1994] {Zen Buddhism}
Prăna-Ătman [Autumn 1993] {Upanishad Philosophy}
The Philosophy of Lost Order [Spring 1994] {Antic- and Chinese Philosophy}
Presocratic Thought - The Philosophy of ONE [Autumn 1993] {Antic Philosophy}
Introduction to Chinese Philosophy [Autumn 1993] {Chinese Philosophy}
Aurelius Augustinus [Autumn 1995] {History of Philosophy}
Ziqquratu [Spring 1994] {Philosophy of Religion}
Rabbi Jesus [Autumn 1994] {Philosophy of Religion}



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