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Daniel Tarr

The Sky Critters
by Trevor James Constable

- A Review -


Trevor James Constable's "Sky Critter Theory" is perhaps one of the strangest theories advanced as an explanation for the UFO phenomenon. Trevor James Constable was one of the proponents of the theory, claiming that UFO's came from a parallel universe known as Etheria and that there were two categories of UFO, some were machines and others living creatures. These invisible creatures he called "Sky Critters" and that they live in the atmosphere. Constable claimed to have captured both types of UFO on film, while working with James Woods during the 1950's and 60's. He wrote several books on the theory "They live in the Sky" in 1959,[1] under the pen name Trevor James, and "Sky Creatures-Living UFO's" in 1978.[2]

According to Constable, these bioforms, which are invisible to normal sight, can be recorded by infrared film and special techniques devised by Constable and described in his book "The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind Ufo's". [3] These objects, which Constable claims are an integral part of the overall UFO scene, are biological organisms native to our atmosphere and not extraterrestrial spaceships. When such bioforms enter the spectrum of visible light, they appear as rapidly moving, pulsatory light sources and are mutually confused with the more classical, structured interdimensional machines known as flying saucers.

Trevor James Constable was convinced of the existence of invisible lifeforms living in the upper atmosphere. He christianed them a nice and simple name : Sky Creatures. He aligned his views of UFOs as ether ships with Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy. (See: Orgone)

During the summer of 1957, the year of Reich's death, Constable teamed up with Jim X. Woods for the purposes of trying to obtain photographic evidence of his theory. Having chosen a suitable location in the Californian desert between Yucca Valley and Old Woman Springs, the two men set up their camera equipment loaded with infrared-sensitive black and white film. The agreed plan was for Constable to stand on a slight eminence and conduct a meditational practice known as the Star Exercise. This was believed to align his body with the earth's magnetic field, while setting himself up as a 'bioenergetic beacon' in the hope that it would attract inquisitive critters' into the recordable ranges of the IR (infrared) spectrum.

At the same time Woods would take up position a little way away and photograph the empty sky against background features, generally with Constable in the lower part of the frame. The experiments would normally take place in the pre-dawn desert air - the time they decided most conducive for this kind of psychic experiment.

By mid 1958 the results of the two men's photographic sessions were clear to see. In just one year they had captured over 100 anomalous images on film. Some showed dark objects, others showed extraordinary ellipses looking like living cells. while still others resembled more classic UFOs. All appeared to be of considerable size and were framed by physical features such as desert landscapes, hills and people.

Sky Fish

This particular photo taken by Constable's daughter near a "cloud buster" orgone energy transmitter is an excellent example of the photographed "bioform" - or "sky fish" as Trevor calls them.

The potency of what Constable and Woods had achieved can he judged by the remarkable series of images recordeon an IR motion film in the Mojave Desert on an unspecified date. The sequence shot at 24 frames per second and reproduced in his 1976 book 'The Cosmic Pulse of Life', shows six consecutive pictures in which Constable stands some distance away with his hands raised in the air. Descending into frame is a clear amoeba-like anomaly that, in a mere quarter second of exposure, divides in two, joins back together, before finally ascending out of frame.

Constable came to believe that his photographs showed 'aerial fauna' - conscious 'bioforms' of etheric energy of the sort believed in by followers of Rudolf Steiner and studied scientifically by Wilhelm Reich.

[Source: Mary Sutherland: Ufos - Ether Ships at Ufos over Burlington - (2005)]

In The Cosmic Pulse of Life (1976), Trevor James Constable published a number of photos showing huge airborne amoeboid-shaped creatures which he dubbed "critters". In all cases, he could not see these creatures with the naked eye, but rather caught the images on infrared film or he used an 18A filter over the lens of his 35mm camera to block out all visible light and only allow light from the (unseen) extreme ends of what we call the visible light spectrum. The photos seen below were photographed by Trevor on August 25, 1957 from the Mojave Desert.

Rather than scan the photo from the book, I made a scan last year at Trevor's house of the original black and white print which measured only 4.3 " x 3". The photo has aged considerably over 50 years and has now taken on a sepia tone. You will notice a faint line that runs from the "nose" of the creature to the right, slanting downwards slightly. You cannot detect this line in the photo printed in the Cosmic Pulse book because of the limitations imposed by the printing process, but you can pick it up on the original print. I altered the contrast of the critter photo in Photoshop to show you how this line can stand out. I have no idea what the "line" is of course, but I wonder if this creature is following its trajectory? It sure looks that way.

In the Cosmic Pulse, Trevor labeled each frame of these amoeboid-shaped creatures (there were at least two of them photographed) as "Alpha #1", Alpha #2", etc. The shot shown here is labeled Alpha #3. He first published these photos in his 1958 book, They Live in the Sky. It's only speculation on my part, but I can't help but believe that these huge living creatures captured on infrared film by Trevor Constable are the same elemental beings that we are referring to as Sylphs at this web site. Remember that the name "Sylph" was coined by the ancient Greeks, who were obviously capable of detecting the presence of these creatures with the ordinary senses.

According to ZS Livingstone, Sylphs can take on any physical cloud-form appearance they wish or they can remain invisible to the unaided eye. Sylphs exist in the borderlands between the third and fourth dimension, so it doesn't surprise me that they possess some attributes of both dimensions -invisibility yes, but they also have a heat-producing body that will show up on infrared film.

Trevor keeps reminding his readers that anybody can reproduce these results. Using  a 35 mm still camera, load up with high speed infrared film and shoot in those areas where the likelihood of encountering Sylphs are highest. You can also buy an 18 A filter, attach it to your 35mm camera lens, and see what you get using ordinary color film. Another idea is to try custom-fitting an 18A filter over the lens of a digital camera. That might bring in some very interesting photos, since digital cameras have the reputation of capturing UFOs and other invisible phenomena.

Wilhelm Reich

Orgone or ether movement, as effected by Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster for example ('Willy's Wand' seen right), would attract these critters for Trevor. The "Star Exercise" that Trevor leaned from Dr. Franklin Thomas could also "stir" the ether and attract the attention of both critters and invisible USO craft. Since orgone generators seem to help in attracting Sylphs  to work on transmuting chemtrails, I'd have to guess that they could act as an attractor for filming purposes as well.

I'll be adding more photos to this page from.Trevor's Cosmic Pulse book and his original photo collection so you can get a better idea of just how fabulous-and truly unique- was this discovery of captuing these huge airborne creatures on film in an era when most people dismissed UFO related phenomena as pure Hollywood fantasy. .

[Source: Ken Adachi: Did Trevor J. Constable Capture Sylphs on Infrared Film in the 1950's? at Educate Yourself - (February 19, 2007)]

Willy's Wand on TJC House  Deck

Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter'

Amoeba Critter
Amoeba Critter
Original print from Trevor J. Constable's collection scanned at 200 pixels per inch. Labeled as "Alpha #3"
Same Photo adjusted for zero color and contrast enhanced

This photo was taken with infrared (IR) film by Trevor James Constable on August 25, 1957 in the Mojave desert of southern California. Objects which emit heat will stand out on infrared film as lighter shades while colder objects will appear darker. Very cold areas will appear black. This shot is only one of many living atmospheric bioforms captured on IR film during the period from approximately 1957-62 by Trevor and his friend, Dr. Jim Woods, on the early morning desert plateau prior to sunrise. Some of these photos were included in Trevor's earlier book on this subject titled, They Live in the Sky. His 1975 blockbuster book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, included this shot along with other photos of UFO's and pulsating, plasmoidal bioforms caught on IR film or in some instances, on regular high speed color film using a 18A infrared filter. Trevor usually used a Leica G 35 mm camera for stills and super 8 color film for motion pictures during the late 1950's and 1960's.

In order to capture these anonmalous events, Trevor would typically perform an exercise he learned from Franklin Thomas called the "Star Exercise" which had the effect of creating a vortex swirl in the ether in the atmosphere above and surrounding the person performing the movement. The longer Trevor performed the Star exercise movement, the larger and more intense this 'ether vortex' emanation would grow. Atmospheric bioforms, dubbed "critters", were attracted to the source of this vortex. UFOs were also attracted to this localized perturbation of the ether. Neither Trevor nor Jim could see these bioforms directly, but they were usually able to detect some sort of quick flash or momentary wavering of the air or in some cases, Jim could detect a feeling in his chest that told him that these creatures were nearby. The appearance and movement of these bioforms often occured very quickly and they could move in and move out of the camera's view within a matter of a second or two. Trevor or Jim had to shoot quickly if they hoped to catch something on film. Trevor told me that only about 1 % of their shots produced tangible results. You can imagine just how much time, effort, and film was devoted by these two men to obtain these images; truly a labor of dedication to further new frontiers of knowledge.

I scanned Trevor's original 1957 print in color in order to capture the B/W print exactly as it appeared in real life, but I then played with the image using PhotoShop 7 in order to draw out more detail.

In the three panel sequence seen below, I cropped the photo to focus on the bioform in the first shot. The second panel is switched over to grey scale and has a filter applied called "equalize." The third panel has been futher enhanced by reversing the highlights and lowlights using the "solarize" filter and adjusting the brightness and contrast to maximize detail. It's interesting to note how the third 'solarized' panel emphasizes a trajectory "track" that the critter seems to be following in the atmosphere. Trevor was surprised and pleased to notice how much detail could be drawn out of his pictures when digitized and ran through PhotoShop. You can try playing with these shots yourself if you have PhotoShop installed on your computer. I've inlcuded three links below so you can click on full sized versions of each of these panels.

Amoeba Critter
Amoeba Critter
Amoeba Critter

(Click for full sized versions)

Here is the original description of this critter (and other frames) that was pasted to the back of Trevor's original print:

"This is the fourth photograph in a series of six successive exposures made by Trevor James Constable on the Mojave desert in California on 25 August 1957. These bioforms, which are invisible to normal sight, have been recorded here by infrared film and special techinques devised by Constable and described in his book "The Cosmic Pule fo Life". These objects, which Constable claims are an integral part of the overall UFO scene, are biological organisms native to our atmospjere and not extraterrestrial spaceships. When such bioforms enter the spectrum of visible light, they appear as repidly moving, pulsatory light sources and are mutually confused with the more classical, structured interdimensional machines known as flyimg saucers, according to Constable "

[Source: Ken Adachi: Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter' at Educate Yourself - (October 13, 2005)]

Trevor J. Constable also published a book called "They Live in the Sky". The book included infrared photographs that Trevor had taken of huge, plasmoid-like living creatures that he referred to as "critters". His 1976 masterpiece, "The Cosmic Pulse of Life", also contained a number of stunning infrared photos of critters photographed in the late 1960's with Dr. James Wood.

According to Trevor Constable: "The so-called "spacecrafts" are just as "etheric" as the bioforms; as they "are built of matter of the etheric plane..." [p.203], and powered by the life- force, what William Reich calls "orgone energy".  Their builders are, Constable tells us, a race of intelligent and benign beings, the "etherians", whose world is the same as our world, except it is of a higher vibratory level [pp.201-3].  The craft become visible and tangible when they materialise into our own world [p.203]."

In addition to his own photos, Trevor was able to include many spectacular infrared shots photographed in Italy by the late Luciano Bocconne of Genoa. These photos reveal long processions of critters flying across the sky, an entire fleet of critters drawing energy from a steel production plant, time lapse photos of critters being drawn to street lights, making sharp turns, reversals, and even materializing/dematerializing. The fascinating essay you are about to read offers new and expanded insights into the subject of Sylphs, creatures which appear to be one and the same with Trevor's "critters"... [Ken Adachi]

Amoeba Critter
Amoeba Critter
Amoeba Critter

Another Trevor James Constable photo taken at Giant Rock, CA in 1958 while George Van Tassell was lecturing on UFOs and channeling space beings. Notice the dark center and translucent mass. The UFO was not visible at time of photography.

[Source: Coast to Coast]

UFOs are not at all extraterrestrial spacecraft but animals comparable to giant amoeba or "critters" that "are built of matter of the etheric plane" or "plasmatic" and live in the skies of our planets. This was first proposed as a mere possibility by Charles Fort, but Constable went further by claiming that he had photographed these "sky animals" - flying among the "usual" flying saucers - using infrared film, exposed between dawn and sunrise in high, in "dry locales" that "will frequently objectify invisible objects of various kinds living in and passing through the atmosphere."

[Source: Ufologie.net]

This one is from Trevor James Constable captured in the invisible near UV using High Speed Infrared film without red filter (gets near UV). He took this photo in 1958, and if you look closely, it is a large translucent disc at a 45 degree angle with a dark center. It was taken over Los Angeles, in 1958. The UFO was not visible to the naked eye.

[Source: Coast to Coast]

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  3. [3] Trevor James Constable, "The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind Ufo's", 1975.

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