Post Logic Studio

H-1125 Budapest. Diósárok u. 33.

CEO - Mr. Daniel Tarr

Corporate profile

  •  Project Management
  •  Professional Supervision
  •  Hardware & Software consultancy
  •  Sales Management
  •  IT Consulting
  •  Representation of Interest
  •  Press and Media
  •  Adult training and coaching
  •  Economic Activity Support
  •  Translation and Interpration

   Coordination and management
   Management of orders
   Administration and finance
   Personal Relations

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  iPad production (DHVG)
  Web portal systems (Startlap)
  E-Learning Platform (KLE)
  Quality Development (exe)
  Web Design references (exe)

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About Post Logic Studio

Post Logic Studio is a virtual enterprsie that has been in operation since 2003.

The main company profile is emerging and innovative technology research and consulting.

The enterprise is a loose cooperation of individuals specializing in specific areas of computer technology, thus the company portofolio covers a large area of information technology, from consultancy to business planning or education to production in all areas of digital media...

Company information:

  Name: Post Logic Studio Bt.
  Address: 1125 Bp. Diósárok u. 33.
  VAT number: 29123478-2-43
  Corporate ID: 01-06-713094
  Founded: 2003 (1998)
  General manager: Daniel M. Tarr

Educational references:

  Prime Minister's Office (1998-2002)
  Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office (2001-2002)
  National Police Headquarters, Budapest (2001)
  Ministry of Youth and Sport - Mobilitas (2001-2002)
  Ministry of Social Affairs (1998-2000)
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002)
  Ministry of Interior (1998)
  International House, Budapest (2001-2002)
  Danubius Language School (1995-1999)
  OTP Bank (1999)
  Takarék Bank (1997)

Please choose a reference:

This list of reference is a collection of various personal and company projects that Post Logic Studio and myself was involved in. Please note that all material is copyrighted by their respective owner.

ICT & Media references

  HVG Publishing House (2010-)
  Qualysoft (2007-8)
  Sanoma Budapest (2005-9)
  Studio21 - 3D Animation (2003-4)
  Sabedu - E-Learning (2002)
  Hungarian Television (2000)
  Media Hungaria (1999-2000)


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